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From the St John's Campus Principal

Supporting Smooth Transitions

Michael PaechAt this time of the school year we are normally involved in a range of transition events designed to support students as they prepare to transition from one school year into the next. These transition events start early in the term and finish in our last week of term when students and parents find out who will be in their class and who their teacher will be.

Obviously the current COVID-19 events have prevented us from completing all of these events which will mean that, depending on future advice from SA Health, we will need to explore other ways to help support, as best as we can, a positive transition process for students in readiness for 2021.

Supporting students as they try to manage their thoughts and emotions in relation to future changes in their lives is important. As a school we take this seriously and endeavour to do as much as we can here at school to provide this support. I recently read an interesting article written by Madhavi Nawana Parker that provided some advice and practical suggestions for parents/carers about how they can support their children with these changes. Madhavi is a well-known behavioural consultant, author and public speaker who works in schools and allied healthcare settings, specialising in building cultures of wellbeing, resilience, social-emotional intelligence and confidence. Madhavi has presented Parent Information Evenings at our St John’s Campus in the past and is also the Director of Positive Minds Australia.

In this article Madhavi speaks about how parents can support these times of change, specifically in reference to moving classes and connecting with a new teacher. I refer you to the link below and also to the Positive Minds website which provides access to a range of free resources.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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St John’s Campus acknowledged NAIDOC Week with a range of activities. We were blessed to have Mr Rodney O’Brien (Kaurna Elder) share a Welcome to Country at our Assembly. Both Mr O’Brien and Dr Roger Thomas explained the importance of NAIDOC Week as a celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Throughout the week, students and staff engaged in a range of devotions and learning activities focussed on the 2020 NAIDOC theme, “Always Was, Always Will Be”.

Nancy Wells
Arts Teacher

  • SJC NAIDOC Week Assembly and Activities 026
  • SJC NAIDOC Week Assembly and Activities 027
  • SJC NAIDOC Week Assembly and Activities 075
  • SJC NAIDOC Week Assembly and Activities 078
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Year 4 Bohnenpflanzen

Meine Bohnenpflanze

(My bean seed)

Over the course of Term 4, Year 4 students have been exploring a unit of work run through the Goethe Insitut titled “Meine Bohnenpflanze” (my bean seed). This new and innovative unit of work authentically connects the learning area of German with Science. Students studied the German story “Jack und die Bohnenstange” (Jack and the Bean Stalk) where they were exposed to a variety of new language structures and grammar.

Students also explored the life cycle of the bean seed and learnt a variety of language conventions in German related to this process and the ability to explain this process in German. The culmination and arguably the highlight of this unit of work has been the opportunity for each student to grow and nurture their very own bean seed.

It has been great to see students’ enthusiasm and excitement throughout this unit of work, especially as they continue to observe their bean seed as it grows.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

  • DSC 0225
  • DSC 0236
  • DSC 0251
  • DSC 0257
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Year 1 Museum Excursions

On Wednesday, 11 November, the Year 1 students had an excursion to the Migration and SA Museums. We saw so many amazing things and learnt a lot about life in the past. Some of the highlights were:

  • Learning how to play games from the past like ‘Mani Mani’
  • Seeing the giant squid in the SA museum
  • Looking at Aboriginal artwork
  • Discovering which animals have become extinct over time

Jasmin Bartlett, Rachel Harrip and Maddy Russell
Year 1 Teachers

  • IMG 0582
  • IMG 6686
  • IMG 6699 2
  • IMG 6702
  • IMG 6727
  • IMG 6730 2
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Year 3 Camp to Nunyara

On Thursday and Friday last week the Year 3s recently enjoyed our camp to Nunyara in Belair. We focused on communication, teamwork and building leadership skills. Our students enjoyed activities such as a water obstacle course, shelter building, brain teasers, billy cart course design and racing, and challenged ourselves with climbing a huge pine tree.

Some highlights of our camp from our students:

“One thing that I really enjoyed was the water activities which included throwing sponges to each other, building a puzzle, building a successful water system to get water from one bucket to another bucket and crawling under a net carrying a sponge. I also enjoyed riding billy carts we had to build the track and we tried to get a really fast time.” 

“First up the awesome water obstacle course and it really helped on my team work. But a heads up if you ever do it, you get drenched! My second was the tribal games kung fu king and especially the game called 1,2,3 and the harder level 1,2,3,4. I wasn't the best at it but it was so much fun. Another highlight of camp was the tree climb it looked so high but once you get up to the top the view is amazing. And last but not least having FUN with my friends and people that I haven't really played with before. All I could say is that Camp Nunyara is fantastic! And the food is delicious and dorms are great.” 

“I enjoined the big tree climb and when it was my turn I made it to the top! Noah went really fast when I was in the billy cart. The food was so good because the garlic bread and the penne Bolognese was so good then to top it off with a frog in a pond. The brain twister was so good because the activities were really fun and good especially the noodle one. The water obstacle was fun because Mrs Wilk got drenched while playing with us!”

Caitlin Wilk and Mike Kriewaldt
Year 3 Teachers

  • Yr3 Camp
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  • Water challenge 2
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