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From the PYP Coordinator

Rachel Muldoon

Exhibition 2021

The aim of the International Baccalaureate is for students to become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

We are thankful that on Tuesday evening our Year 6 students had the wonderful opportunity to showcase these attributes to the parent and school community.

This special event celebrates their learning journey over the course of the last 10 weeks. The students spoke with confidence about their passion and goals and displayed pride in their exhibits.

The central idea that was the focus of this unit of inquiry was ‘Human actions and decisions in sharing our planet can impact the world.’

Students were involved in advocating for a global issue that was influenced by the UN Global Goals and that they were personally connected to and passionate about through creative communication and art forms. These Global Goals gave students a relevant context for their inquiries. 

The students have been guided through their personal inquiries, collaborating to effectively communicate their message through the support of mentors, guest presenters and experts.

Through the Exhibition, the Y6 students demonstrated the attributes of the Learner Profile and developed the essential skills needed now and beyond the classroom. 

Many thanks to all involved: students, volunteers, parents, teachers and support staff. 

Rachel Muldoon
Director of Teaching and Learning/PYP Coordinator - St John's Campus

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A message from Paula Meyer

The upcoming year is a significant one for St John’s Campus, as we celebrate 70 years since the school commenced. It was on 12 February 1952 that St John’s Lutheran Primary School first opened its doors and welcomed its first 19 pupils, with Miss T. Doecke appointed as the teacher.

The development of the Primary School was as a result of St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley looking to reach out and serve the local community. Funds were raised by the Church with most of the building being done by the hands of the congregational members of the time.

St John’s Campus has come a long way since these early beginnings, amalgamating with Concordia College in 2015 and growing significantly in enrolments and reputation over the years. During this time St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley has valued our partnership with the school and looked for ways of serving and supporting the school community. We are passionate that the school not only offers a brilliant education to its students, but also remains Christ-focused, nurturing and growing the faith of the students as well as the staff.

This has resulted in a caring community that reflects the light of Jesus, living and sharing the hope that we have in Jesus’ death and resurrection. We want this good news to influence the present and the future, secure in God’s love. St John’s congregation seeks to actively live out the tagline: Sharing Jesus’ Love’ in Concordia College and beyond.

For just over three years I have been blessed to serve St John’s Campus as the Spiritual Life Coordinator. It is with a bittersweet feeling that this chapter comes to a close in a few weeks’ time. But we are grateful and excited for the appointment of Mark Rathjen as the new College Chaplain and all the blessings that this will bring.

St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley is looking forward to supporting Mark in his new role and to continuing to serve within Concordia College both spiritually, but also practically.

May God bless Concordia College and everyone who is part of this special community and may he also continue blessing the partnership between St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley and Concordia College.

Paula Meyer
Spiritual Life Coordinator

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College Mandatory Vaccination Statement

As you are aware, the Commissioner of Police, acting in his role as the State Coordinator responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, has announced the Emergency Management (Education and Early Childhood Settings Vaccination) (COVID-19) Direction 2021.  

The Direction applies to all employees, OSHC providers, volunteers, parent helpers, contractors and service providers either engaged by the school or contracted to provide services to the school. 

This Direction requires all individuals to receive at least 1 dose of a Therapeutic Goods Association approved COVID-19 vaccination and a booking to receive a second dose by 10 December 2021, except those who have a medical exemption endorsed by the Chief Public Health Officer.  

A copy of the Direction can be found here.

We appreciate that this will be difficult news for some. However, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Lutheran schools have always sought to follow the recommendations of the Government’s health officials. Lutheran schools also respect the Government’s rights to set requirements on people who interact with vulnerable members of the community. 

We would like our staff, students and community to rest assured that we have implemented measures to ensure compliance with the Direction by 10 December 2021. 

We trust that we can all work together respectfully to ensure the safety of our school community.

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Reception Beach Clean-up Excursion

As part of our Sharing the Planet unit of Inquiry, students have explored many ways to care for animals and their habitats.

Students decided to take action and clean up the rubbish at Seacliff beach before it entered the water and harmed the animals’ environment. The Reception students were blessed with beautiful weather for a beach clean-up. Students enjoyed a day of outdoor learning, exploring sea animals’ habitats in the rockpools and ensured they left it as they found it.

Nicolette McClure and Sarah Davis
Reception Teachers

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ELC Outdoor Classroom Day - Excursion to Fullarton Park

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child’s day. On two days of action each year, teachers take children outdoors to play and learn.

On Thursday 4 November the ELC children participated in Outdoor Classroom Day by walking to Fullarton Park. We discovered Aboriginal totems and the community fruit trees. We ran, climbed and explored nature with friends. The children collected fresh limes and we made lemonade (with limes) on our return to the ELC. Learning was evident on the walk as we discussed road safety, identified digits on letterboxes, planned our route and built physical stamina.

Kate Wood

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Remembrance Day in the ELC

To commemorate this special day the children made poppies, observed one minute of silence and listened to the Ode and The Last Post. The children showed respect and shared how knowledgeable they were about Remembrance Day.

Ailish – 'It’s called Poppy Day.'

Eddie W – 'It’s when the soldiers fought in the war and died.'

Georgie – 'I heard about Poppy Day on the radio this morning.'

Reid – 'My Grandpa and Grandma live near a statue of the war and there were poppies everywhere.'

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Children’s Crossing – Winchester Street

The safety of our community is paramount. The Children’s Crossing at 24 Winchester Street is to be used by all of our community to access the Concordia Campus. When this crossing was installed by Unley Council, several of the parking areas on Winchester Street also changed to ensure minimal congestion. Please be aware of these, particularly at drop off and pick up. Let’s do this together and keep Winchester Street safe for all.

  • Safety First
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Blueprint Ministries Kids' Summer Holiday Camp

Blueprint Ministries (a ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia) is running a Kids' Camp in January 2022 for upper primary students. Visit the Public Notices & Events section of the newsletter Noticeboard or visit their website for more information.

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