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Year 8s explored and served the local community through Connected Unley

Year 12 students and parents celebrated an important milestone at the Valedictory Dinner and Parent Reception

Reception students performed the annual nativity play to adoring audiences

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From the St John's Campus Principal

End Of The Year!

Our final term for the 2017 school year is drawing to a close with our students' final day being next Wednesday, 13 December.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in supporting us throughout the year. We are pleased to say that 2017 has been another positive and productive year. Well done everyone, and thank you.

I wish you all a safe and restful break, a blessed Christmas and a positive start to the New Year.

We look forward to partnering with you again for the 2018 school year.

Closing Service and Year 6 Graduation

Next Wednesday night we will be gathering together as a St John’s Campus community for our Closing Service and Year 6 Graduation Ceremony. This is a special time for us as we gather to give thanks to God for the year that has passed and also to celebrate with our Year 6 students on the occasion of their graduation. I look forward to sharing this special time with you on Wednesday night.

Details of the Closing Service/Graduation Ceremony can be found below.


To those students and families who are leaving our St John’s Campus we say farewell. Thank you for being part of our community and for the contribution that you have made during your time with us. We wish you God’s blessing as you move on to new beginnings in 2018.

Staff Updates

At the end of this year, Mr Andrew Bradtke and Mr Arthur Densley will be leaving us. We thank them both for their service and significant contribution to our community over the years.

We wish Mr Andrew Bradtke all the best as he moves into his new role next year as Education Leader in LESNW (The regional office for Lutheran Education in our state). We thank him for all that he has achieved whilst a part of our community in his role as PYP Coordinator. During his time, he has continued to implement the PYP with staff, introduced our 1-1 iPad programme, overseen our language review and been a part of the implementation of our Reconciliation Action Plan. His work across the College has also included the introduction of the School Improvement Plan. Thank you Andrew for the many contributions that you have made to our community. Not only is our campus richer and stronger in the areas of curriculum, but your contributions have been felt in all areas of our community.

At the end of the year we are also saying goodbye to Mr Arthur Densley in his role as our Physical Education Coordinator. While Arthur is not going to be working in this role next year, he will be with us in a different capacity which is exciting. He will be continue to be a part of our community, working in OSHC. We are thankful for the many gifts that Arthur has been blessed with and that shone through in his teaching. His calm, gentle manner with our students has always been appreciated.

We will formally thank and say a few more words about both Andrew and Arthur at our end of year service.

Thank you also to Mrs Deb Bryant who has helped us out throughout this past year in Year 1. Next year Mrs Bryant will be returning to teach one day a week in Reception. Likewise we thank Ms Bethanie Waldhuter for her service to our school during these past two terms in both 2K and 1G.

Not often do we have two staff from the same year level leave for the same reason. We wish Mrs Emily O’Callaghan and Mrs Eddie Forrest all the best as they each await the birth of their first child. They will both be on Maternity Leave for 2018. We will all wait for the joyful news of the arrival of their babies during Term 1.

Mrs Critchley

Catherine AI2As many of you would know, Mrs Catherine Critchley sadly passed away on Tuesday night at 11.05pm after suffering a fatal brain aneurysm this past weekend. As a College we mourn this loss to our community and also pass on our sincere and deep condolences to her husband Michael and two sons Henry and William.

During her eight years serving in our St John’s Campus, Catherine has always been a positive, joyful, caring and committed member of our team and community. We are honoured to have been able to serve with her during her time with us and we thank God for the many ways in which she has brought blessing to our community.

We also continue to pray for her family and friends as they move through the grief and loss that they are experiencing.

Thank you to staff, parents, caregivers and friends of our community for your gracious support during this past week. It has been greatly appreciated.

We move forward knowing that God is with us.

Funeral details will be passed on when they become available.

Move Up Day – Monday 11 December

Students from Reception to Year 5 will be spending time with their teachers and classes for 2018 during the day. New students to the College will also be visiting. At the end of the day, students will be bringing home their stationery information and their class list for both classes in the year level. It will also be the day that we will be sending home the St John’s Campus Magazine.

Closing Service - Wednesday 13 December

All students from Year 1 to Year 6 are expected to attend our Closing Service. Students need to be seated by 6.45pm ready for a 7pm start. Students wear their formal Summer Uniform and may wear Sports Uniform to school during the day. The service celebrates the end of another school year and includes the Principal’s report, farewell to members of our community and is also the Graduation of our Year 6 students. ELC and Reception students and families are welcome to come as well. These students may wear casual clothes and sit with their families. There will be allocated seating for Year 6 families.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Catherine Critchley

The staff and children of the ELC give thanks for the life of Mrs Critchley. We remember her love for us and the time we shared together.

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ELC Christmas Carols Evening

On Tuesday 28 November, the ELC children entertained their families with a performance of songs celebrating Christmas and their learning throughout the year. The children’s developing confidence was evident and parents were impressed when the children sang Silent Night in German (Stille Nacht). The children sang with joyful enthusiasm and big smiles could be seen on the stage and in the audience.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

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Highgate Park Visit

Every year the children of the ELC bring a moment of happiness and Christmas cheer to the residents of Highgate Park. It is an act of service and community-building that is a special event for the residents, and for our staff and students.

The coordinator of activities at Highgate Park has told us that the festive season in the home begins on the day the ELC children come to sing. We always make a gift for the residents to enjoy and the children each receive a small gift. We know the real gift is in the giving of the Christmas spirit.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

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Reception Nativity Performance

The Concordia Receptions have recently given an 'Oscar winning' performance, sharing the Nativity story through the live recital of “The Sleepy Shepherd”.

The children inspired both tears and laughter from their adoring audience in what was a wonderful showcase, demonstrating how far they have come in their Reception year.

Sharon Cosh and Nicolette McClure
Reception Teachers

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Year 1s Visit the Botanic Gardens

As part of the POI investigation ‘Sharing the Planet’ the Year 1s took a trip to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to focus on "How plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives". Our Education Officer led the students on an Indigenous trail around the gardens, focussing on the interaction between Indigenous culture and the plant kingdom. The Year 1s were fascinated to see how one tree was like a ‘supermarket’ for the Indigenous people. From this tree food, medicine, clothing, transport and shelter supplies could be sourced!

In our afternoon session, the Year 1s explored the tiers of the rainforest, looking at the impact of climate on plant life. Time was also spent investigating our responsibilities in caring for this environment.

Year 1 Teachers

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During Week 7 our Reception to Year 2 students took part in our annual swim program at Burnside Swimming Pool. Students travelled to the pool each day for swimming lessons. The students had a wonderful week with lots of sunshine and warm weather.

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Gaeste bei uns in der Grundschule

German classes across the year levels have been a hive of activity over the past couple of weeks in the lead up to Advent/Christmas season in Germany and other German speaking countries but also importantly with a range of guests coming in to be part of our lessons and sharing some wonderful learning experiences with our students. 

Students in Year 2DP and Reception C have had the privilege of having Mr Martin and Mrs Ele Plewa from Germany (Leena 2DP and Tia Rec C's grandparents) come and share a great deal about the season of Advent and Christmas in their region in Germany, not far from the city of Muenster. They brought along many trinkets and shared an extensive PowerPoint presentation with the students.

On Wednesday of 29 November, both Year 1H and Year 1G along with Year 4W were privileged also to have Mrs Angela Granegger (grandmother to Sam 1H, Issy 4W and Matilda ELC) come and share her experiences of living in Austria. Angela brought in many special items that engaged students and further enriched their learning experience about Austrian culture and traditions particularly centred around Advent and Christmas.

We thank Angela, Martin and Ele for the special time they shared with our students giving them a wonderful insight into current German culture, German language and some wonderful hands on experiences for our students. We are incredibly blessed to have them as part of our wider school community.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

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Christmas Market Stall

It was with great anticipation that we held our first Christmas Market Stall on Friday 24 November. The Courtyard was a lovely setting and the Christmas spirit was enhanced by the choir singing several Christmas songs as well as the percussion group performing. The community were able to buy Gingerbread House kits, decorations, macaroons, Bath Bombs and gingerbread biscuits. The children enjoyed the ice blocks as well.

Thank you to the team of parents led by Stephanie that brought Christmas so beautifully to our community.

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Christmas Performance at Living Choice

On Monday 4 December all 150+ Junior Primary students from the St John’s Campus walked heartily to Living Choice on Fisher Street to perform for the Unley Probus Club. The students did exceptionally well singing a selection of Christmas Carols. It was an absolute joy to see the smiles on both the performers and the audience’s faces. Well done to our R-2 students!

Jasmin Dinno
Music Teacher

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Buses on the Last Day of Term 4

A reminder that due to the early finishing time of 12pm for the Concordia Campus on the last day of the school year, Wednesday 13 December, students who catch buses to/from school will be dismissed early on that day.

Buses will leave at 12.10pm from Cheltenham Street and 12.15pm from Duthy Street.

Students who do not catch a bus to/from school will be dismissed at the regular time of 3.15pm.

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Links Committee

Links would love to see some new members on the committee. Join us in bringing the school community together through a range of fun events.

In addition to regular committee members, we have two positions available:

  • Ice Block Coordinator - (you don't need to be on the committee to take this position, but would have full training and support). This is not a time consuming position, and ice blocks are only sold in Terms 1 and 4.
  • Treasurer - this is a revised and simplified role on the committee, and training and support from the school is provided.

Sally Carr and Tanya Harris
Links Committee Co-Chairpersons

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Year Level Coordinators for 2018

More parents are needed in the following year levels:

  • ELC (one person)
  • Year 1 (three people)
  • Year 2 (four people)
  • Year 3 (three people)
  • Year 4 (three people)
  • Year 5 (four people)
  • Year 6 (one person)

The commitment involves:

  • Organising a calendar of social events (work with other YLCs and plan the year (a minimum of one family and one parent social event - of course you can choose to do more))
  • Organising some goodies for a Market Stall mid-year (combined with three other year levels)
  • Welcoming any new families to the College in your year level
  • Liaising with P&F when needed

In 2018, the Year Level Coordinators are looking forward to working more collaboratively with the St John's Campus Parents & Friends (Links).

By supporting each other we will be able to lighten the load on any one individual while making use of your particular skill set.

If you would like more information, please call me on 8273 0428 or email or speak to one of the current Year Level Coordinators.

Thank you.

Rachelle Fairlie
Community Carer - St John's Campus

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