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Year 8s explored and served the local community through Connected Unley

Year 12 students and parents celebrated an important milestone at the Valedictory Dinner and Parent Reception

Reception students performed the annual nativity play to adoring audiences

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Year 12 Subject Awards

Year 12 subject awards are given to those students who receive the highest mark in the A range for the school-assessed component of SACE subjects or the highest mark in the 6/7 range for their overall school-based performance in IB Diploma subjects.

The winners of Year 12 subject awards were announced at the Year 12 Final Assembly, except for in those subjects where work was still being completed. Recipients of all awards are as follows: 

SACE Awards
  • Biology: Jed S 12NFLE
  • Business and Enterprise: James A 12HRO
  • Chemistry: Mitchell M 12ABR
  • Classical Studies: Millie H 12RSO
  • Creative Arts: Isabella T 12HRO
  • Design and Technology: James D 12ABR
  • Drama Studies: Luke C 12SBU
  • Economics: William B 12RSO
  • English: Lucia B 12LNE
  • English Literary Studies: William B 12RSO
  • Food and Hospitality Studies: Isabella T 12HRO
  • Geography: Caitlin F 12SBU
  • German: Olivia G 12RSO
  • Information Technology Studies: Matthew W 12NFLE
  • Legal Studies: William B 12RSO
  • Essential Mathematics: Cooper M 12HRO
  • General Mathematics: Emma E 12ABR
  • Mathematical Methods: Nadia B 12LNE
  • Specialist Mathematics: Benjamin L 12NFLE
  • Modern History: Jed S 12NFLE
  • Musicianship: Nadia B 12LNE
  • Performance Special Study: Nadia B 12LNE
  • Solo Performance: Nadia Barrow
  • Ensemble Performance: Yasmin 10SKL
  • Photography: Lauren D 12LNE
  • Physical Education: Thomas M 12LNE
  • Psychology: Milla J 12SBU
  • Physics: Mitchell M 12ABR
  • Research Project: Nadia B 12LNE
  • Society and Culture: Milla J 12SBU
  • Television Studies: Connor P 12SBU
  • Visual Arts – Art: Olivia O 12SBU
  • Visual Arts – Design: Connor P 12SBU
IB Diploma Programme Awards
  • Chemistry HL: James B 12RSO
  • English B HL: Cody C 12HRO
  • German SL: Natasha D 12RSO
  • ab initio French: Madeline H 12RSO
  • Mathematics SL: Ella S 12LNE
  • Mathematical Studies SL: Natasha D 12RSO
  • Music HL: Rebekah R 12NFLE
  • Psychology HL: Natasha D 12RSO
  • Economics HL: James B 12RSO
  • English HL: Ariane D 12SBU
  • English SL: Natascha B 12ABR
  • History HL: Ella S 12LNE
  • Arts HL: Ariane D 12SBU
  • Physics HL: James B 12RSO
  • Physics SL: Ella S12LNE
  • Theory of Knowledge: Jacquie W 12SBU

Congratulations to all Year 12 subject award winners.


Stage 2 Design and Technology

Our Year 12 Design and Technology students began the year by identifying a need or challenge which could be solved by manufacturing a product. Over the next three terms, they learnt the necessary skills and spent many hours designing, refining and prototyping their intended outcome. Through sheer hard work and determination, all 18 students successfully completed their own individual high quality product and the collective culmination of their exceptional efforts was proudly displayed at the annual Art Show exhibition. Well done to all students and congratulations to James D 12ABR who achieved the highest overall result and won the subject award.

Shane Beitz
Head of Design and Technology

  • Y12DT James AI
  • Y12DT Caelan AI
  • Y12DT Fraser AI
  • Y12DT James S AI
  • Y12DT Tom M AI
  • Y12DT Tom St AI
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Photography Exhibition

Over the past couple of weeks the Concordia Photography Exhibition displayed a broad range of photographs. With 95 images exhibited from Years 10 to 12 there were many topics, styles and techniques on display. A book prize of ‘Digital Photography Masterclass’ was awarded to the creators of the best images in a number of categories as listed below. The public judging process saw the judges who selected the most winners winning a prize voucher from Diamonds Camera Video & Digital, valued at $95. The exhibition included the 23 prize winners at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show. Congratulations to all contributors and particularly the section winners. We look forward to seeing more great images produced for next year!

Congratulations to the following section winners:

  • Best Animal: Connor P 12SBU
  • Best Exhibit: Samuel G 10JGE
  • Best Landscape: Alex H 11JWE
  • Best Photo: Kayla M 10SKL
  • Best Portrait: Connor P 12SBU
  • Best Poster: Sarah D 11SBAB
  • Best Special Effects: Samuel G 10JGE
  • Best Still Life: Connor P 12SBU

Congratulations to the winning judges:

  • Will R 11JLE
  • Telia S 8JFI
  • Nick L 7MGA

David Modra
Head of Media

  • Photography AI
  • Kayla Migalka AI
  • Alex Hristopolous AI
  • Connor Patterson AI
  • Samuel Graves AI
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Concordia Writing Awards

Read about the winners of this year's Concordia Writing Awards.

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Lutheran Schools Leadership Conference

On Tuesday 5 December, Concordia College hosted a Lutheran schools leadership conference. The day started with an insightful devotion led by Mr Saegenschnitter, re-enacting the washing of feet by Jesus. The theme of servant leadership was prominent throughout the day, as the Student Leaders from various Lutheran schools bonded and learnt many valuable lessons in leadership that will no doubt be applied in their roles over the coming academic year.

Jacob Kemp
2018 School Captain

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Year 12 Student Valedictory Dinner

The Valedictory Dinner was a beautiful way to farewell our Year 12 Class of 2017. The Dinner is a wonderfully informal occasion, with all exams and assessments finally completed, the Year 12s and their teachers gather for a final meal to celebrate, reminisce and laugh about the times they’ve spent together, as well as chatting over future plans. The Action Leaders beautified The Suaviter as a dining hall and the students were farewelled with speeches by Mr Adrian Bright, as well as the “Story of the Class of 2017” by Mr David Serotzki. Student Leaders Issy Brideson and Kenji Ireland responded on behalf of the students. Thanks must go to Mrs Angela Warrick and Mrs Sandra Hein for their efforts in organizing many aspects of the event, to the many parents who volunteered their time to help with the food, and to the Action Leaders for their efforts in organizing such an event for their peers. The Valedictory Dinner is a fantastic way to farewell our students as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Clark Roberts-Thomson
Assistant Head of Senior School

  • Valedictory Dinner 03 AI
  • Valedictory Dinner 04 AI
  • Valedictory Dinner 05 AI
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