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From the St John's Campus Principal

Paech Michael2

Staff News

At the end of this term we farewell three staff from the St John’s Campus. Gary Robertson and Marianne Schirmer are retiring, and Mary Marker has resigned from her position in the ELC. We wish them all the best as they take on new adventures and we thank them for the wonderful service that they have given to our community. We will formally farewell them at our Closing Service.

Rachel Harrip and Alicia Puiatti will not be with us as they take a year off for maternity leave. We wish them and their families every blessing and look forward to hearing from them when their new babies arrive early in 2019.

It is anticipated that Mrs Julie Lugg will be returning to her role as Music teacher at the beginning of next year. We would like to thank Mrs Kylie Johns for her work with students in the Music area during Julie’s absence.

Mrs Tamara Martin has also been working as our Community Carer and we thank her for the way that she has quickly settled into this role during the term.

Monday, 10 December - Orientation/Preparation for 2019

We will be welcoming new students into our school on Monday, 10 December as they spend time with the cohort that they will be with next year. This will also be the day that students will meet and spend time with their teacher and their class for 2019. At the end of the day, the students will bring home their stationery information which will include a copy of their class list. 

The process of allocating students to classes is a particularly challenging task as we seek to develop balanced classes while also considering a range of relevant information. As such, please understand that, as a general rule, we will not be changing class lists once they are published. We do have faith in the teachers who allocate these classes as we also have faith in all of our teachers to be able to meet the needs of students in their care.

For your information we have provided below a list of classroom teachers for 2019:

  • ELC: Mrs Kate Wood and Mrs Deborah Waters
  • Reception: Ms Nicolette McClure/ Debra Bryant (RM) and Mrs Sharon Cosh (RC)
  • Year 1: Miss Maddy Russell (1MR) and Mrs Celina Read (1CR)
  • Year 2: Mrs Jenny Kowald (2K) and Ms Jasmin Bartlett/Mrs Emily O’Callaghan(2OB)
    - (Please note that Ms Dinno will be known as Ms Bartlett from the beginning of 2019)
  • Year 3: Mr Mike Kriewaldt 3K and
    Semester 1 Mrs Eddie Forrest/Miss Jessie Thiele (3FT) | Semester 2 Mrs Eddie Forrest/Mrs Catlin Wilk (3FT)
  • Year 4: Mrs Elizabeth Reu (4ER) and Mrs Anita Ruggiero (4AR)
  • Year 5: Mrs Janine Sarson-Parker (5S) and Mr Dan Keylock/ Mr Matt Wegener (5K)
  • Year 6: Miss Ellen Hoopmann (6EH) and Mr Steve Hahesy (6SH)

Other Staff Updates

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Tamara Martin has been appointed to the permanent part time position of Community Carer, commencing in 2019. As some of you would know, Tamara has been serving in a temporary capacity in this role over this past term. We look forward to Tamara becoming a permanent member of our St John’s Campus staff team.

We are also pleased to announce that Ms Lucy Burfield has been appointed as a permanent part time Educator in our ELC. Lucy has been working in our ELC on a casual basis for several years now.

Please note that we are currently advertising for a part time Inclusive Learning Teacher (previously known as a Learning Support). If you are interested in finding out more about this position please visit the College website for further details.

Year Level Coordinators

We are still needing many coordinators across the Campus. Please email Sue Drogemuller if you are able to support our community in this role.

Catherine Critchley Memorial Award

During our final Assembly this week, Mr Michael Paech presented the inaugural Catherine Critchley Award. This award has been created in memory of Mrs Catherine Critchley, one of our ELC educators who very sadly and suddenly died toward the end of the 2017 school year. The award will be presented each year for the next seven years to one of our graduating Year 6 students. After seven years, when last year’s ELC students graduate from our St John’s Campus, we will stop presenting this award.

The criteria that has been developed to guide the selection of the award winner includes:

  • a graduating Year 6 student who has demonstrated consistent consideration and regard for those around them, displaying care, compassion, empathy and support for others
  • a student who has consistently and humbly served the St John's Campus community and helped to make this school a better place, without expectation of reward or recognition
  • a student who has displayed sincerity, cooperation, honesty and truth in their interactions with others.

We are pleased to announce that this year the inaugural Catherine Critchley Award was presented to Victoria 6SH. Victoria is a Year 6 student who began her learning journey in the ELC in 2010. We congratulate Victoria on being presented with this award.

On Wednesday, the anniversary of Catherine’s death, our staff also gathered before school started for a brief devotion led by Pastor Andrew Brook in memory of Catherine.

Thank You

With this being our final Concordia Connect newsletter for 2018 I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of our school year here at the St John’s Campus.

There are so many people who generously support us in so many amazing ways. Thank you to parents, friends of the College, staff and students for your commitment to and support of our College throughout this past year. It is a true blessing to be a part of this community.

I hope that you all enjoy a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. I also wish you a safe and refreshing holiday break and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Students and Families

I would also like to take this opportunity to farewell families (parents and students) that are leaving our St John’s Campus at the end of this year. We thank you for your contribution to our community during your time with us and wish you God’s blessing as you move on to new things.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Reception Nativity Play

The Reception classes presented a wonderfully entertaining version of the Christmas story last week at the annual Nativity Play. In the play, Maurice the mule was determined to settle down for a nap, but those plans were thwarted when a string of uninvited visitors arrived one by one... before long there was even a baby in the manger! Well done to the staff and students involved in bringing together such an enjoyable sharing of the Christmas message.

Nicolette McClure & Sharon Cosh
Reception Teachers

  • DSC 0130
  • Rec Nativity 0006
  • DSC 0182
  • Rec Nativity 0007
  • DSC 0230
  • Rec Nativity 0024
  • DSC 0255
  • Rec Nativity 0032
  • DSC 0305
  • Rec Nativity 0076
  • DSC 0309
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Closing Service - Wednesday 12 December

Please note that Year 1 to Year 6 students are expected to attend the Closing Service in the Concordia College Chapel on Wednesday, 12 December. Students need to be seated by 6.45 pm ready for a 7pm start. It is expected that the Service will be finished by 8.30pm. Students are to wear their Summer Uniform. This means that during the day, students may wear their Sports Uniform. Students in ELC and Reception are welcome to attend and sit with their families. If your child is not able to attend, then please email their class teacher.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Year 6 Camp at Mylor Adventure Camp

During Week 7, the Year 6 classes ventured to Mylor Baptist Camp for three days filled with outdoor adventure and laughter. Activities included bridge building, archery, team-building challenges, the ‘mud run’ and the giant swing. Students displayed the Learner Profile attributes of being a risk-taker, communication and care as they tried new skills, faced fears and endured wet weather and many clothing changes. It was the perfect opportunity for students to enjoy the company of peers as they approach the final few weeks at St John’s Campus.

Ellen Hoopmann
Year 6 Teacher

  • Yr6Camp1
  • Yr6Camp3
  • Yr6Camp4
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Gaeste bei uns in der Grundschule

German classes across the year levels have been a hive of activity in the lead up to the Advent/Christmas season in Germany and other German speaking countries, with a range of guests coming in to be part of our lessons and share some wonderful learning experiences with our students. 

Year 3R and Year 1R had the privilege of having Mr Martin and Mrs Ele Plewa from Germany (Leena and Tia’s grandparents) come and share a great deal about the season of Advent and Christmas, in particular in their village of Warendorf and their region in Germany located not far from the city of Muenster. They brought along many trinkets and shared an extensive PowerPoint presentation.

Year 3R and Year 6EH were privileged to have Bev and Heinrich Frehse (grandparents to William and Olivia H) come and share their experiences of living in Munich, Bavaria - in particular their traditions around Advent and Christmas. Bev and Heinrich brought in many special items that engaged students and further enriched their learning experience about German and Bavarian culture and traditions.

The Year 2 classes had the privilege of doing some special Advent/Christmas craft with Ingrid Bartlett (Zeles' grandmother). Ingrid focussed on the tradition of the “Adventskranz” (Advent wreath) in Germany and the great significance of Advent. Students made their own “Adventskranz” to take home and use during Advent.

We thank Martin and Ele, Bev and Heinrich, and Ingrid for the special times they shared with our students, giving them a wonderful insight into current German culture and language. We are incredibly blessed to have them as part of our wider school community.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

  • German1
  • German2
  • German3
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Student Reports

On Wednesday afternoon next week your child’s Report Card will be sent home via email.

These reports should be read in conjunction with the Electronic Portfolios that have been providing you with information about your child’s progress throughout the year.

If you need to discuss anything relating to your child’s Report Card with your child’s teacher please make time to speak with them next week on Thursday or Friday.

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St John's Lutheran Church - Advent and Christmas Services

St John's Lutheran Church is running several Advent and Christmas services in the coming weeks. All welcome! Click for more information.

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Christmas Market Stall

On Friday afternoon, we held our annual Christmas Stall. Thank you to Stephanie Gaskin and her team of volunteers that helped our community to celebrate Christmas. The children were able to buy Christmas gifts, Christmas food and be entertained with Christmas carols. Thank you to everyone that supported the Stall by either supplying items or buying them. Thank you also to our students who sang carols and the teachers who coordinated their singing.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Year 2 Sleepover

The Year 2 Sleepover and Expo was held on Friday, 23 November. Students had a wonderful time sharing their wellbeing knowledge and amazing skipping skills to parents in the Hall at 6pm. Following this, a great night of games, laughter, movies, healthy snacks (and NOT a whole lot of sleep) was had! Thanks to the parents who assisted with breakfast in the morning. What a fabulous experience for everyone involved. 

Jasmin Dinno, Alicia Puiatti & Jenny Kowald
Year 2 teachers

  • Sleepover3
  • Sleepover2
  • Sleepover4
  • Sleepover5
  • Sleepover1
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Healthy Eating at Christmas

As we draw to the close of the school year some students enjoy giving cards or small gifts to their friends and classmates as a gesture of good will and to mark the coming of Christmas.

Whilst we do not encourage or discourage this practice, we do ask that gifts to other children do not include sweets and confectionery like candy canes. In the past, this well-intentioned practice has resulted in unhealthy amounts of chocolate and sugar being consumed at school.

Of course, we respect the right of parents to choose what goes into their own child’s lunchbox.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this.

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Buses on the last day of Term 4, 2018

Please be aware that on Wednesday, 14 December Concordia Campus finishes at 12pm and as a result School Buses will leave at 12.10pm from Cheltenham Street and 12.15pm from Duthy Street. Please contact the School Office if you need to amend any permanent bus arrangements on that day or you wish to add your child to the bus register. A bus bell will ring at the St John’s Campus to remind bus students of the early departure and a bus duty teacher will accompany them to the bus as per the usual procedure.

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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Ari (4R) is the youngest of four boys to have been selected from South Australia to participate in the National Super 10s Tennis Competition in Melbourne during the second week of the Australian Open. With four boys and four girls from each state selected to compete, this means Ari has been recognised as one of the best players nationally aged 10 years and under. An impressive achievement! Ari is very excited and we wish him all the best as he prepares for and takes part in the competition!

Congratulations to Paddy (6EH) who has been selected for the South Australian State Under 14 Boys Basketball Team. We wish him all the best.  

  • Ari LK Photo 1
  • Ari LK Photo 3
  • Ari LK Photo 2
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