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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Challenges and Celebrations

Weinert PaulThese final days of the school year are very much about celebration and preparation. Unfortunately due to the continuing health risks we have had to cancel certain celebratory activities; however, I commend the staff for their agility in being able to put alternative programs in place at short notice. We have also been planning in earnest for the coming year whilst ensuring we have a calm and celebratory conclusion to what has been a unique school year. This year has certainly been one of interruptions, but amidst the hardship there has been a wonderful resilience in the College community that has resulted in many forms of adaptation and innovation that will serve us well in our future pursuits. The planning in future learning strategies, organisational structures and facilities development has been immense, which will be transformational for the College.  Many of these plans will be communicated to the College community in the coming weeks and early in the new year.

Thank you once again to our incredible community. Together we have endured an experience that none of us could have imagined in our lives and our students and staff are stronger for it. New connections have been formed and strengthened; new ways of learning have been explored, tested and adapted; and we all have some incredible stories to tell our grandchildren one day... 

To end this term let us remember through prayer where our true strength can be found, particularly in this special season when the light emerges out of the darkness…  

Let us pray 

Dear Lord, You were born, unexpectedly, bringing light in the darkness of winter. Help us to become aware of our own light, gifted from God. Guide us to see the opportunities this Christmas to be an unexpected light for others. Through our actions let us use our gifts unselfishly, to brighten the days of those around us. Let us be grateful for all that has been gifted to us by sharing it freely with others, to build community, in Jesus’ name.

We thank you, Lord God, for the past school year, for all of the successes we have celebrated, and the unique challenges from which we will learn and grow. We ask you to continue to watch over the College Community during the holiday break, keep us safe from harm and in good health. Rejuvenate us during the break so that when we return we are ready to follow the plan you have laid out for us and have the energy and drive to do so.

Bless those who are leaving us, particularly the Year 12 Class of 2020. Be with them as they say their final farewells and equip them for the exciting new opportunities which lie ahead.

Lord, we come to you seeking your support to stay focused in these last days, sustain us in our learning, our handovers, our clean up and final celebration. 

Bless these final days together, which will enable us to grow closer and nurture the bonds of community.

In Jesus' name we pray.


Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Our departing Year 12s celebrated their final Concordia event under the stars at their Valedictory Dinner.

They made the most of one of the rare opportunities in 2020 to dress up and enjoy each other’s company, as they reminisced about their schooling that now seems to have gone by so quickly.

The students and staff were treated to a wonderful meal prepared and served by the Year 10 Food Design students. Presentations by Mr Sommariva, Mr Serotzki, Student Leaders and Action Leaders provided fitting farewells.

As the Class of 2020 take fond memories with them, they also leave us richer for their contribution.

Adrian Bright
Assistant Head of Senior School

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Patience is a Virtue - Book Week Letters

An annual tradition in Year 8 is for students to write a letter during Book Week, to a person that they admire or who inspires them. Well, the letters were sent… two days before our first lockdown. Assuming we would never see them again, imagine our surprise when only recently, replies have begun to trickle back in! Most recently, we have replies from Billie Eilish, Scott Cawthon, Ahn Doh and… The Queen!!! (well, her Lady in Waiting). We are collectively holding our breath in Murtoa to see who will reply next!

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Year 8 Home Class Teacher

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Year 8 Food Design

My Year 8 Food Design class brought some international cuisine and flair while travel restrictions continue. We can’t travel the world, so we brought it to us in the classroom!

Students researched the eating habits of other students around the world in our ‘Eat Around the World’ unit, researching traditional meals and ingredients in their chosen cultures. Our final summative included them recreating their own recipe from their chosen culture, including cultural table presentation and even some costumes! Bon Appetit, Year 8s!

Belinda Zanello
Visual Art, Media and Food Design Teacher

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Kochen macht voll Spaβ! (Cooking is totally fun!)

After studying a unit on Health (Gesundheit), Year 11 students stepped out of the traditional classroom and into more authentic roles, as cooks. They sourced German-language recipes for traditional German foods and cooked and baked up a storm. Each was interviewed in German about das Rezept (recipe), die Zutaten (ingredients), and die Zubereitung (method). The range of dishes included: Brezen (pretzels); Bienenstich (beesting); Kaiserschmarren (chopped pancake); and ‘Cupcakes’. All were enthused about their end products – lecker (delicious)!

Kim Bennett
Head of Languages

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Year 8s Connecting with our Community

Annually our Year 8 students engage in Connected Concordians (previously known as Connected Unley), a service and civics experience. This year’s plan was for students to work with Major Reno Elms from The Salvation Army, hear from key Unley Council members, attend Unley Museum and participate in a Heritage Walk. Another day in the program was allocated for acts of humble service, including working with local churches and at Fern Avenue Community Garden. On the third day we planned a ‘Connected Futures Day’ where students would interact with Old Concordians to learn about career options and the world of work. Unfortunately, due to the statewide lockdown in Week 6, these activities had to be cancelled, but 75 lucky students still managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine while learning about the Unley community beforehand. Instead of our Connected Service day in the field, we then brought the opportunity to campus where students had a wonderful time decorating gift hamper boxes for Lutheran Community Care to deliver to families experiencing hardship at Christmas. As other activities at the end of year have been unable to happen, connecting with St John's Campus Receptions, Year 1s and Year 2s with Christmas activities has been such a valuable time for all. The Connected Concordians day, Christmas Craft and hamper decorating activities have been highlights to end the year on a positive note of community interaction, service and leadership for Year 8s.

"I enjoyed discovering Unley as I hadn’t walked around Unley before. I also enjoyed experiencing this with my friends. I gained knowledge of Unley and its heritage." - Rohan

"I liked being able to guide the kids and help make their cards as it was a very fun way to express leadership while having fun at the same time." – Macy

"I liked making the cards with the little kids and seeing them laugh." – Michael

"This semester my highlight in Pastoral care was making Christmas hampers for Lutheran Community Care. This is because I enjoy drawing and it felt good to do something for people that won't have anything for Christmas. I learnt that just doing something to help people even if it's small, means a lot to them." - Olive

The Year 8 Team

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Student Achievement

After graduating Level 12 (the final level of Suzuki violin) last year, Jude (7LAUS) recently achieved an A+ in his Level 8 AMEB violin practical exam. A fantastic achievement!

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