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From the St John's Campus Principal

Paech MichaelThe End is in Sight!

With our school year concluding for students next Wednesday, I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words of acknowledgement and thanks.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a challenging and very difficult year as we have endured the ongoing cloud of uncertainty and anxiety associated with the COVID pandemic.

As the Principal of St John’s Campus, I am acutely aware of these challenges and extremely thankful for the efforts of so many who have helped us navigate a successful pathway through the year.

Staff, parents and family members, volunteers and of course our wonderful students - your combined efforts in pushing through the challenges have been extraordinary. I have witnessed many amazing examples of our community embracing innovative and creative problem-solving approaches that have helped us move forward. Well done! 

This year we also continued to implement our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. This has incorporated the implementation of our new ‘Unlocking Futures’ Learning Framework, development of a new ELC – Year 12 Wellbeing Framework and planning for the realisation of our Master Plan. 

As we finish the year I want to acknowledge and thank everyone - students, staff, parents and friends of the College - for your significant contributions to the year. I also want to thank God for his continued guidance, provision, protection and blessing on our Concordia community.

I also acknowledge and thank our Year 6 students, and other students and families leaving our campus this year, for your contribution during your time with us. I wish you all the best and God’s blessings as you move on to exciting new beginnings. 

This year we also farewell a few staff. Miss Fielke and Miss Russell are moving to new and exciting places and Mrs Kowald is retiring after a long teaching career within the Lutheran education system. During the year, Mrs Keogh also resigned from her role as a Lutheran Support Officer. We thank each of you for your service to our community and we wish you every blessing for the future. 

In conclusion, I wish you and your families a safe and blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ. I also pray that you experience a positive start to the new year.

I look forward to serving alongside each of you in 2021 when we reconnect as a community to engage with new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Year 3s visit Concordia Campus

Last week the Year 3 classes from the St John’s Campus were given the opportunity to have some lessons with Dr Joanne Rogers (Concordia Campus Head of Science) and Ms Hannah Rosie (Concordia Campus Head of Food Design) under the scientific theme, Transfer of Heat.

Mrs Rogers led the students in some fun science experiments across two lessons with students comparing the heat conductivity properties of different metals, inspecting the properties of dry ice and measuring the effects of insulation on heat transfer. A particular favourite of students was using dry ice to make slushies!

In the Food Technology lessons with Ms Rosie, students learnt about the different melting properties of various types of cheese, while preparing some yummy pizzas. They also had fun preparing and decorating some delicious Christmas cookies.

The Year 3 students and teachers are very grateful to Mrs Rogers and Ms Rosie for all the preparation and effort that went into these lessons. We would love to have this opportunity again next year.

Mike Kriewaldt and Caitlin Wilk
Year 3 Teachers

  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 066
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 113
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 138
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 185
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 202
  • Year 3W visits Science and Food Design 246
  • Year 3W visits Science and Food Design 245
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 257
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 311
  • Year 3K visits Science and Food Design 355
  • Year 3W visits Science and Food Design 226
  • Year 3W visits Science and Food Design 365
  • Yr3 Food
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Year 4 Historical Adventure

As part of our Where We are in Place and Time unit of inquiry focussing on exploration, we stepped back in time at the Maritime Museum. The children spent time walking around historic Port Adelaide looking at the buildings of the past, from the local sail maker to the first public house (pub)! They also climbed aboard an old ketch and discovered what life would be like on the seas. Time was also spent with a museum educator learning about the first European explorers and first nation people of this great southern land.

Celina Read
Year 4 Teacher

  • IMG 2200
  • IMG 2139
  • IMG 3650
  • Yr4 Historical Adventure 1
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Christmas Joy in the ELC

The joy of Christmas is well and truly alive in the ELC. The children have been learning about the significance of Christ at Christmas through stories, singing carols, dressing up and creating and role playing the nativity scene. The ELC is sparkling with tinsel, glitter and smiling faces.

Kate Wood
ELC Director

  • ELC Christmas 1
  • ELC Christmas 2
  • ELC Christmas 3
  • carols
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Music Notes

Christmas Recordings

The Years 3/4/5/6 Choir, The Vocal Ensemble and the Reception/1/2 Choirs from the St John’s Campus spent the morning on Wednesday recording their voices for the End of Year Closing Service next week. The students thoroughly enjoyed the new experience of being filmed and recorded. Many thanks to Simon Kuchel for his time and expertise.

Thank You and Farewell

Two of the dearly loved Instrumental teachers at St John’s Campus are retiring at the end of the 2020 school year. Mrs Cathy Waldron has taught guitar across both campuses for 36 years and Mrs Rhonda Parker has taught piano at the St John’s Campus for the past 16 years. We thank them for sharing their gifts, talents and expertise with so many students over the years. They will be sadly missed and fondly remembered. We wish them well in this new season of their lives.

Julie Lugg
Music Teacher


  • SJC Choir Recording 005
  • SJC Choir Recording 017
  • SJC Choir Recording 022
  • SJC Choir Recording 033
  • SJC Choir Recording 046
  • Cathy Rhonda
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Year 2 Science Incursion

On Wednesday, 25 November, our Year 2 students were able to enjoy a visit from SciWorld.

This incursion was connected with their Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry, exploring sustainability and Earth’s resources. Through different experiments, the children were able to better understand the atmosphere and hydrosphere and how our actions can affect these parts of our environment. They saw how oil sits on top of water and learned about different ways to contain and remove oil spills from water. They saw demonstrations of different chemicals in the atmosphere and how they can affect our air quality. These experiments helped the children think more about their impact on our environment and how we can make our environment healthier. The Year 2s then designed green inventions which would solve a problem in our environment, such as pollution. It was great to see our children being thinkers, scientists and inventors.

Graham Buxton and Jenny Kowald
Year 2 Teachers

  • Yr2 Science 2
  • Yr2 Science 1
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Year 4 Visual Arts

The Year 4 students recently created beautiful artworks inspired by Rosemary Petyarre’s series of paintings called Bush Medicine Leaf. Rosemary is an established Aboriginal artist from Utopia Station in the Northern Territory. The students used a range of techniques to draw, paint and assemble their leaf artworks.

Nancy Wells
Visual Arts Teacher - St John’s Campus

  • Yr4 Visual Art 1
  • Yr4 Visual Art 2
  • Yr4 Visual Art 3
  • Yr4 Visual Art 4
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Harry (6B) and Luke (6H) who have recently been selected for the Under 14 State Basketball Team, which will hopefully play in a tournament over the summer. We wish them all the very best as they prepare to compete. Well done! 

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