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Adelaide Youth Leadership Conference

2 Mar 2021

Our Student Leaders and Year 9 Ambassadors represented the College at the Adelaide Youth Leadership Conference where they learned important leadership lessons about resilience, public speaking, teamwork and other relevant skills. Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to learn from a variety of guest speakers from around Australia about the requirements of a successful leader and what leadership looks like in different environments.

Angela (Year 9) shared the following thoughts to summarise her experience at the Conference:

'The day was enjoyed by everyone as it was very interactive and engaging. The students were asked to take away the messages of leadership and share them with the greater community. Some of the key points to remember are: when an opportunity comes up, take it; don’t be afraid to try something new that puts you out of your comfort zone; and, our differences are our greatest asset.'

We trust the inspiration gained and lessons learned from this experience will empower the students involved to lead with confidence, humility and resilience as they carry out their duties for the good of the College community.