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Concordia students studying at top UK universities

3 July 2023

Two of Concordia’s Year 11 students are forgoing their usual winter school holiday break to take up outstanding opportunities to study at two of the world’s leading universities, the University of Cambridge and Oxford University in the UK. While both are heading to England to study, their fields of study are quite different. Sienna will spend two weeks at the University of Cambridge studying ‘Medicine and the Brain’, where she will examine the development of the speciality of neuroscience, learning about cognitive psychology, neuroanatomy and clinical methods and practices. This builds on her involvement in the Brain Bee Challenge in Year 10 at Concordia. Meanwhile, Macy has won a scholarship to attend a two-week residential course in Film Studies at Oxford University, learning about film theory, film history, screenwriting, practical filmmaking and editing. We look forward to hearing about their experiences upon their return.