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Student businesses benefit charities

14 June 2023

Stage 1 Business Innovation students took on the challenge of stepping out of the books and into their own businesses in Term 2, offering a product or service for a price with all profits going to charity. This fantastic real-world learning opportunity saw students identifying a problem for a target audience, working on a solution, creating a product or service and then marketing and selling it to generate income. Pitching their businesses to their peers, students also outlined their revenue models and explained the financial side of their business, including production costs, profits and return on investment.

There were candles, bakery treats, dog treats, packs of reclaimed golf balls, jewellery, t-shirts, customised donuts and more on offer through the businesses our students created. It was exciting for students to taking ownership of their projects either individually or collaboratively and to see first-hand that entrepreneurship is achievable. Speaking about the efficacy of the task, Futures Coordinator Lloyd Oppelaar commented,

“We’re trying to create that magic moment for students of having their first sale and realising that business and entrepreneurship is something that’s accessible to them, that [they] can actually do this and can make a profit.”

A total of over $650 profit was donated to the RSPCA, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, See Differently and Share the Dignity – an impressive outcome from this authentic learning experience.