Welcome to COCA

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Welcome to the Concordia Old Collegians Association (COCA)

COCA is the association for all Old Concordians. It is run by an enthusiastic committee of around 12 members, who work to ensure that Old Concordians can enjoy keeping in touch with the college and each other.

Committee members: Matthew Bruening ('16), Hannah Lewis ('13), Chris Symons ('12), Vicki Pese ('78), Sue Spry ('74), Mark Fortunatow (’74), Nadine Williams ('57), John Temme ('55), and Warwick Raymont ('54).

COCA runs a comprehensive program of popular events to help Old Concordians stay in touch with each other throughout the year, including reunions, celebrations, events, interest groups and more. Other COCA activities provide opportunities for Old Concordians to be involved in current school life - like concerts, exhibitions, tours and mentoring students. We also hold events in major Australian cities, some regional centres, and even overseas.

COCA’s origins can be traced back to 1920, when a Concordia College Old Boys Association was formed. A few years after the first girls were enrolled at Concordia in 1927, a Concordia Old Girls Association was established. In 1963, the two groups were formally combined. There are currently over 9,000 old collegians living in Australia and overseas.

COCA values its links with the past and looks forward to the future as it assists Old Concordians to remain part of the Concordia College family.

The COCA Strategic Plan has been created to ensure we develop COCA into an organisation capable of supporting the needs of the whole Concordia community. View a copy of the plan here.