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2022 Instrumental Music Lessons

The families of students who wish to begin or continue with instrumental and vocal music lessons in 2022 should complete the online form.

All details regarding fees, as well as the instrumental agreement, are contained within the link. All continuing students need to reapply. New students to the school in 2022 are currently submitting applications, and responses will assist with planning to accommodate these new students. We ask that applications are submitted by Friday 26 November 2021.

2022 Instrumental Music Hire

Families who currently hire an instrument do not need to resubmit a hire form. If your child wishes to start instrumental lessons through the College and needs to hire that instrument, please complete the online application for instrumental hire. All details regarding fees and the hire agreement are contained within the link. Hire is restricted to the instruments listed within the form.

Return of hire instruments

If students are not continuing to hire an instrument in 2022, the instrument will need to be returned to the Music Office no later than Friday 26 November.