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A reminder that the safety of all community members is our highest priority. With increased traffic loads and much movement in the streets surrounding the College during drop-off and pick-up times, we ask all road users to take note of the information below.

Parking Request

With regards to parking, please take care when parking around the College, ensuring adherence to all relevant signage and road rules. We ask that all Concordia road users be considerate and respectful of our neighbours. We can do this by:

  • staff and students using the designated car parks provided on site
  • parents/caregivers and anyone parking on the road being mindful of keeping driveways clear
  • adhering to parking restrictions at the end of Cheltenham Street cul de sac
Cheltenham Street Speed Limit Change

Please note there is a new 25km/h speed limit in Cheltenham Street near the Fortiter Gymnasium, with increased movement of children in this area. If you are driving along Cheltenham Street, please adhere to this new limit.

We would also appreciate parents reminding students who cross Cheltenham Street before/after school to do so safely and in an area with good visibility (not crossing from behind or between buses, etc.).

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in keeping our school and wider community safe.