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Concordia offers an Outdoor Education program that focuses on developing leadership, communication, team-building and organisational skills. Excursions and camps allow for broader experience of the world at large, add interest to the study program and stimulate a variety of useful learning activities in the classroom.

Students at Concordia take part in camps and experiences designed specifically for their year level.

Year 2

As an initial ‘camping’ experience students in Year 2 attend a one night ‘sleep over’ at the school. This experience establishes a positive platform for future camping experiences in later years.

Year 3

Our Year 3 camp provides students with a two day ‘Farm Experience’ at Narnu Farm, on Hindmarsh Island. On this camp students enjoy the opportunity of seeing a real farm in operation.

Year 4

This three day camp focuses students' learning on the importance of caring for our natural environment. The camp is generally held in the Adelaide Hills area.

Year 5

The Year 5 camp runs for three days and is held at Victor Harbor. The focus of this camp experience is on aquatic activities.

Year 6

This is the final camp for students at the St John’s Campus and lasts for three days. During the camp our Year 6 students focus their attention on developing important life skills around the theme of ‘team building’.

Year 7

Students fly to Canberra for a four-day trip in Term 4. This trip is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about Australia’s capital and our political system.

Year 8

The Year 8 camp is held at Victor Harbor in Term 1. The camp is for two nights and includes a variety of activities such as kayaking and surfing.

Year 9

Students go to the Flinders Ranges for four days for a program that includes bushwalking, mountain bike riding, night activities and developing bush survival skills.

Year 10

Students attend the Peer Support Camp in Term 3. This is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds amongst peers whilst also exposing students to valuable lessons on leadership. This camp prepares students to be leaders and mentors to younger students which is especially helpful if selected as Year 11 Peer Support Leaders.

Year 11

Faculty-based excursions and trips are organised by subject teachers.

Year 12

Students participate in a two-day retreat in Term 1 as an opportunity to reflect on personal and group values and goals in the final year of schooling.