Wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. Children and young people who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes. A culture of wellbeing in our college promotes:

  • a positive sense of self in relationship with God and others
  • a sense of optimism and confidence in one’s ability to influence the world for the common good
  • structures, policies, procedures and initiatives, which are reflective of a school’s vision and mission and supported through effective leadership
  • fostering of parent and community partnerships to maximise student outcomes
  • empowerment of the school community to get the most out of student learning
  • teaching and learning that provides rich and meaningful opportunities to enhance student engagement, connectedness and belonging
  • the belief that wellbeing is integral rather than incidental to learning, and the development of social and emotional learning skills which enable students to flourish.

Spiritual Life

Providing our community with opportunities to reflect and grow

As a Lutheran College we regularly meet for Chapel as a school community. Our Chapel Program is designed to provide opportunity for us to grow in faith and reflect on important issues of life.

Students and staff have opportunities to lead Chapel, which is an integral component of our identity as a community with Christian values.

Pastoral Care

Exceptional pastoral care supports academic achievement and personal development

We are committed to providing the highest quality care to our students. We work closely with students and parents so that our young people can make the most of the opportunities available to them and develop self-esteem and confidence to grow as individuals.

Our Community Carer provides valuable support for students at the St John’s Campus, both one-on-one and in classroom settings. As well as offering a listening ear and helping students with any concerns that may arise, the Community Carer supports the whole campus community by overseeing the year level coordinators, connecting with parents and teachers, and running programs that target the needs of the children including coping with grief and loss and developing social skills. 

At the Concordia Campus our structured Pastoral Care Program provides learning and growth opportunities for students at each year level. In the Middle School, students explore aspects of health, and develop their organisational skills and self-esteem. Pastoral Care in Year 9 is delivered in single gender home classes to enable targeted learning and development. In the Senior School, individual mentoring programs help students to select their future study or employment pathways.

Peer Support

A weekly buddy program at our St John’s Campus enables younger students to receive support from their older buddies who visit their classrooms each week to assist them with their work. Year 7 students from the Concordia Campus also visit their buddies at the St John’s Campus on a fortnightly basis, providing an important source of cross-campus collaboration and an opportunity for Year 7 students to develop their leadership skills.

The inclusion of senior school students in mentoring younger students is an important feature of our pastoral system, helping to build ties across year levels and encouraging older students to demonstrate qualities of leadership and responsibility. Senior students participate in a Peer Support training camp at the end of Year 10 to prepare them for selection as Peer Support Leaders, which offers a valuable mentoring and leadership role.

Specialist Support Staff

Concordia also has pastoral support specialists on staff, including a Community Carer, School Counsellors and our ministry team, who provide a valuable ‘listening ear’, as well as a source of support, encouragement and guidance.

Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are the underpinning principles of behaviour and relationship management. Every endeavour is made to resolve the situation and restore a positive, respectful relationship between the parties involved.