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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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Year 5/6 Visit to Fullarton Lutheran Homes

After an extensive unit of work looking at authentic German texts in our German lessons this term, students in both Year 5 and Year 6 created their own plays based on the stories of “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten” (German Town Musicians) and “Rotkaeppchen” (Little Red Riding Hood).  Students working in small groups had a lot of fun putting their presentations together. Students across both year levels developed their ability to use more sophisticated spoken and written German through this unit of work and are to be commended also on their developing fluency, particularly with more complicated words and structures in German.

In a great link to service learning, some students decided that they wanted to showcase their plays to an audience within the wider community. A total of 30 students across both year levels performed their plays to residents at Fullarton Lutheran Homes on Thursday 22 June. Performing to such a large audience in German was an outstanding effort by all students and the residents enjoyed an entertaining afternoon with high quality presentations by all students. Special thanks also to Mrs Schirmer, Mrs Fairlie, Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Hudson for so kindly accompanying our excursion.

Jane Graham
German Teacher – St John’s Campus

  • Fullarton Homes Visit
Language Review Update

Last term, as staff, we finalised our 'belief statements' about how children learn to read. These statements are represented by the acronym READS which follows a similar structure to our WRITE and WORDS belief statements. These beliefs are based on current research and teaching practice and are articulated below.

At Concordia College - St John’s Campus, we believe: 

  • R – Reading is thinking and is an act of constructing meaning
  • E – Explicitly teaching and assessing the components of reading is imperative (oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension)
  • A – Assisting and equipping readers to choose a variety of texts and providing time for reading (shared, guided and independent) helps expand reading repertoire 
  • D – Developing a reading community where readers share, recommend and respond to quality literature cultivates a love of reading
  • S – Supporting readers to develop strategies and helping them to set goals creates independent readers

As we head into the end of the third year of the language review, we now focus on the refinement stage of the process. Teachers have been spending time reflecting on all the learning we have been doing over the last three years and setting reading, writing, word study and grammar goals. 

Over the holidays, Tracey Grice and I attended the National Literacy Conference in Tasmania. It was really confirming to hear both national and international speakers talk about practices that we have already put in place during this review. We certainly are on the right track and with continual refinement, our language programme will continue to provide current and best practice for the students in our care. 

Emily O’Callaghan
Language Review Leader 

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  • Year 5 Class Library
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Concert Band attends James Morrison workshop

On Wednesday 26 July, the St John's Campus Concert Band students were invited to watch James Morrison at work with Big Band 2 from the Concordia Campus. This was an amazing opportunity for our students to see one of Australia’s living legends in action and learn through his tips and anecdotes. What a privilege! Macy 5K and Emily 5S are pictured with James below.

Julie Lugg
Music Teacher - St John's Campus

  • CC St Johns Campus Concert Band James Morrison
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Walk My Way

During the holidays, a number of Concordia College staff were involved with the Walk My Way fundraiser run by Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS). The walk followed the Pioneer Women’s Trail from Hahndorf to Beaumont. Over 150 people braved the cold weather and muddy conditions underfoot to complete the 26km walk. Those that made this journey could only reflect upon the hardships that the women many years ago would have endured as they completed this walk regularly to bring their goods to sell on the plains.

At the St John’s Campus, we raised money during the term and this will be celebrated at Chapel on Friday 4 August. We will also be acknowledging the staff that completed the walk. Robin Mann will perform his song that he wrote for the event as well. Many thanks to those in our community that supported this cause.

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Year 4 First Aid Course

Through our 'Who We Are' unit in Year 4, students inquire into the Central Idea of “Well people know how their bodies work”. On the last Thursday of Term 2, we enjoyed learning first aid through the First Aid Schools Program provided by St John Ambulance Australia. St John Ambulance Australia provides basic first aid training to school students throughout the states and territories of Australia. Each of our Year 4 classes learned basic first aid techniques with each other and through using the provided mannequins. The students shared the following highlights:

"I liked the machine that shocked the heart." - Lachlan

"It was great knowing the full procedure of what to do." - Susie

"The CPR on the mannequin was useful because it’s real without the trauma and you’re prepared if it happens." - Lucy

"The best part was when we had a partner and had to ‘scoop the goop’!" - Hannah

"Adam explained using the mannequins really well." - Eloise

"It was helpful to use the mannequins so in real life you’ll know what to do in an emergency!" - Winnie

"I found out how hard it was to do CPR and how it was different doing it on the baby, child and adult mannequins." - Gigi

"Using the different dummies was useful to get used to doing it on different aged people." - Annabelle

"I learnt how defibrillation works and it’s good." - Isaac

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  • Year 4 2
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Grandparents' and Special Friends' Morning

We are looking forward to welcoming grandparents and special friends of our students from ELC to Year 3 to the College on Friday 18 August. This is always a wonderful morning and a great chance for our students to show their loved ones what life is like at Concordia College - St John's Campus.

Families in ELC to Year 3 would have recently received an email containing details about the day.

Please contact the School Office if you have any further questions.

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Help Keep Links Lunches Alive

As you may be aware, Links lunch orders are coordinated each week by an amazing group of dedicated volunteers without whom this initiative would not be possible.

Although they do a fantastic job, our volunteer team is currently in urgent need of assistance from other parents so that we can continue to offer lunch orders through Links.

We are seeking people who are able to help 2-3 times per term on Wednesdays during Terms 2 and 3, from 10.15am - 1.15pm. Rosters can be tailored to suit your availability and we would love to hear from any parents who would be willing to assist.

We are hoping to continue the Links lunch order initiative into the future, however for this to happen we need your help! Please contact Tammy Dandie on to register your interest.

Thank you for your support.

Sally Carr and Tanya Harris
Links Committee Co-Chairpersons

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Quiz & Games Night 2017

The annual Quiz & Games Night is fast approaching and we are looking forward to a fantastic Hollywood-themed night from 7-11pm in the Concordia Campus Gym. If you haven't yet booked your tickets, please do so today to secure your seat.

Click here to make a booking.

Book onto a table of 8-10 and don't forget there are prizes for best dressed male/female and best dressed 'cast or crew'.

Year Level Baskets

To assist with creating some fantastic silent auction prizes, each year level has been allocated a theme and we are asking families to support the event by donating one or more items related to their child's year level theme. Collection boxes are located in each classroom.

Click here for more information about year level themes.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are also seeking donations of goods or services for the silent auction and the raffle. All donations are gratefully received and if you're able to assist in this way, we'd love to hear from you. Donors will be ackowledged on the night and in the newsletter, Concordia CONNECT.

Some donation ideas include:

  • Travel/Restaurant/Shopping/Spa Voucher
  • Gym/Personal Training Sessions
  • Weekend Away at a Holiday House
  • Premium Wine

Click here for more information and to register your donation.

  • SJC MajorFundraiser AV
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Market Stall

You many have seen some wooden planter boxes near the primary school playground.  These “trugs” as they are called, will be filled with plants and flowers, and cared for by the Year 2, 3 and 5 classes. These have been purchased with the funds raised at the Mother’s Day Market Stall in May. Some creative play equipment has also been purchased with these funds.

On Wednesday 30 August, the Father’s Day stall will be run by the ELC, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 families. Please note this is the Wednesday just prior to Father’s Day and Friday 2 September is Show Day.

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School Office Upgrade

During the mid-year break, the St John’s Campus School Office was abuzz with tradespeople who were busily working on a new-look Reception desk and expanded work area for our administration and enrolments staff. We are currently awaiting some new logo signage which will complete the overall look of the space, but we are really pleased with the result so far and look forward to greeting you at our new desk next time you come into the office.

  • SJC Office 8864
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Support for Siassi in Term 3

This term the St John’s Campus Chapel offerings will be going to our partnership with Siassi in PNG. Our partnership has been going since 2011 and we have a team of five staff going to PNG at the end of this term to spend a week leading some professional development sessions with teachers from Siassi. Over the course of this term you will continue to hear much more about our partnership and the upcoming trip at the end of September by Michael Paech, Nancy Wells, Mary Marker, Jane Graham and Nicolette McClure.

We are incredibly blessed by this partnership and all that this brings to our community and the communities in Siassi.

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The St John's Campus congratulates Mr Arthur Densley (PE teacher) and his wife Kirsten on the safe arrival of a daughter, Hazel Joy Densley on Tuesday 1 August. Both Hazel and Kirsten are doing well. 

We also congratulate Mrs Emily O’Callahan (6O) and her husband Kevin who are expecting the arrival of their first child in February 2018. 

We give thanks to God for this wonderful news and wish both families every blessing.

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Prayer Lists

Due to recent changes in the way our newsletter is structured and distributed, we have changed the way that we notify the campus community of bereavement notices and prayer lists. We will continue to have the list of families that we are praying for displayed in our staff room, classrooms and in the hall.

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Diary Dates

Click here for a list of upcoming diary dates.

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