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Students serve abroad through Habitat for Humanity and the Kalahari Experience

Jazz legend James Morrison visits Concordia College

Staff and students take part in Walk My Way to raise funds towards the education of students in refugee camps 

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National Youth Science Forum

Earlier this year, we heard about an experience called NYSF, the National Youth Science Forum. It is a program for Year 11 students conducted at ANU in Canberra during the first two weeks of January, prior to starting Year 12. Only 25 other South Australian students were selected to join equally qualified students from each state to participate in the program. After hearing about this opportunity, we were both sure it was something we would like to try our hardest to be a part of. We needed to complete an application form that covered personal information about ourselves, what we are currently studying, what we intend to study after school and our opinions on some selected topics.

Additionally, we needed to write a letter discussing these topics in more depth and convince our local Rotary Club that we were the candidate they should sponsor. Fortunately, both Mitcham and Brownhill Creek Rotary accepted our requests and interviewed us fairly rigorously. Given the feedback we’ve heard from previous candidates, the opportunities continue beyond the visit to ANU with possibilities that include International Universities.

Having been successful in the interview process, we were invited to District Selection Day which was held at Pembroke last Sunday. We had three graded activities to complete in order to be considered for a position. There was an oral presentation on a given topic, an interview on our presentation and we were also asked other questions on Science related issues which are currently impacting the world. The final task was a group problem solving activity to test our ability to work together in solving a task.

The experience was akin to a job interview and we felt that it benefitted us as we now understand the challenges we may face in similar situations. The presentation experience provided a learning opportunity for future leadership and public speaking events. After our interviews, we eagerly awaited our results and were ecstatic to learn that we were both accepted into the program.

We encourage the current Year 10s to consider applying for this program in 2018. NYSF likes to keep an element of surprise to the process and the program; however we know that there are opportunities to experience life on a university campus including lectures and the possibility of gaining connections for further scientific opportunities in the future, both interstate and internationally.

We are already in anticipation for the experience in January and would like to thank Mrs McAuliffe for assisting us with the process.

Benjamin 11CFI and Lachlan 11CFI

  • National Youth Science Forum
Ski Trip

In Week 3 of the holidays, forty students ventured over to the snowy slopes of Falls Creek for the annual Concordia Ski Trip. Thankfully, there was great snow and the students made the most of the opportunity to enjoy four days of skiing and snowboarding on the mountain.

In the evenings, students had a fun relaxing, playing cards and having a good chat. The students did a great job in making the trip a fantastic experience and I thank them for the manner in which they conducted themselves. The staff did their bit too by being great company. From all reports, it was a very enjoyable trip.

Stewart Kleidon
Ski Trip Coordinator

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