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In this issue...

Art combined with Design and Technology for the annual Art Show 2017 "Fusion"

Our Year 7s had a great time of learning and exploration on their educational tour of Canberra

Fun, action and adventure for our Year 6 students on their recent year level camp

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Annual Art Show 2017 "Fusion"

The annual Art Show of 2017 was a highlight of the year for the students in Art and for the Year 12 Design and Technology students who joined with us for the first time to display their work. This is a special time, in particular for the senior students whose work featured in a gallery style exhibition. It was received enthusiastically by parents, family, friends and the participants that attended on Friday 17 November. The title of the show “Fusion” refers to how the arts have embraced concepts from many curriculum areas, including Design and Technology. The fusion of ideas for these students in Art at school culminates in the Year 12 pieces.

The new Nautilus Centre provided a beautiful environment for displaying the works from Year 12 SACE Visual Arts students, Year 12 IBDP Art Students, and Year 12 Design and Technology Students, while the extension into the foyer of the Art Centre showcased examples of diverse student work from Years 7 to 11. This year we were kindly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz - Unley, Eckersley's, Stylecraft, Australian Timbers, Tea Tree Moulding and Worldstrides. As in previous years, prizes were awarded to Year 12 students in each course (IB and SACE) for both Visual Art, and Design and Technology:

  • Excellence Award Visual Art - Art: Olivia O 12SBU
  • Excellence Award Visual Art - Design: Connor P 12SBU
  • Excellence Award Creative Art: Isabella T 12HRO
  • Excellence Award IB Art: Ariane D 12SBU
  • Encouragement Awards; Visual Art: Sophie G 12LNECooper M 12HRO
  • Most Outstanding Product Award: James D 12ABR
  • Encouragement Award: Thomas M 12LNE
  • Peer Assessed Best Product Award: Tom S 12SBU

Worldstrides provided scholarship money for students who demonstrated values of being ambassadors for the company and these were awarded to Year 11 students Emma V 11CFI and Mark B 11SBAB.

The Concordia Art Acquisition Award for 2017 was presented to Georgia J 12RSO with her dynamic large piece “Electric Spirit”, based on dance and capturing the gift of life and the flowing movement and freedom it holds. This was created on layers of perspex and will find its place in the entrance foyer next year.

Lester Saegenschnitter involved the audience in his speech by testing our knowledge of art before talking about the role and integration of the arts in our lives. It was wonderful that he could open the Art Show in this new venue as one of his last official events as Principal of the school. There are many people to thank for the evening, from the support staff, hospitality students, musicians and members of staff through to the students who created all the work.

Jane Robson
Head of Art

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Year 11 German Exchange students depart for Bavaria

On Friday, 24 November, we will say goodbye to 18 of our Year 11 German students who are participating in the SA German Exchange Program. Students will stay with their host families in Bavaria for two months, experiencing life in a German family, a German school and also a German Christmas! They can also look forward to a nine day trip to Berlin in January. We wish them God's blessings on this big adventure in their lives.

Connie Held
German Exchange Program Coordinator

2017/18 German Exchange students
Back L-R: Jessica 11LMA, Samantha 11CFI, Mia 11MBR, Emma 11JLE, Sabrina 11JLE, Arielle 11MBR, Anais 11RGO, Tom 11JLE, Dylan 11MBR, Heather 11LMA.
Front L-R: Nikhita 11MBR, Katherine 11SBAB, Kimberley 11JWE, Cara 11RGO, Sophie 11JWE, Natasha 11CFI, Oscar 11SBAB, Emma-Jane 11JLE.

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Year 10 Drama Club 'Theatre in Education'

The Year 10 Drama Club performed a company-devised Theatre in Education show to the Year 7 cohort on Monday, 13 November. The response was positive and the topic was important – Exclusion. The Year 10s managed to show three different scenarios, all of which were authentic experiences they had witnessed themselves. The Q&A ran by Mrs Brown afterwards was an important opportunity for the Year 7s to direct any questions towards the Year 10 students, such as “How did you come up with the idea?” and “How long were you rehearsing for?” It was an opportunity for senior students to showcase their talents through the powerful medium of Theatre In Education, and for the Year 7s to see their older peers in action. A huge congratulations to the following members of the Drama Club: Lexie 10SKL, Kathleen 10MHA, Amy 10NMC, Courtney 10MHA, Oliver 10NMC, Emma 10NMC, Georgina 10MHA, Georgia 10PLO and Jasmine 10JGE.

Thank you to the following staff for their support: Ms Williams, Mrs Martin, Mrs Carman, Mrs Harpas, Mrs Chiarolli and Mrs Brown.

We look forward to being able to perform more Theatre in Education to Middle School students in 2018!

Suzanne Martin-Long
Director of the Drama Club

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Geography students take to the Field

This term Geography students from Years 9 -11 have been enjoying learning about the world they live in through a number of field trips within the local area.

In Week 3 Year 9s visited the Botanic Gardens as part of their Geography/Science interdisciplinary unit about Biomes and Ecosystems. In Week 4 Year 11s collected data at Belair National Park as part of their investigation of the fire risk in the park, and in Week 5 Year 10 Geography students went to Port Noarlunga beach to conduct a number of experiments so they could better understand the coastal processes shaping this beach environment.

Students value greatly the opportunity to learn through practical experiences in the field.

“Throughout the day at Belair NP we looked at a range of different bushfire management strategies including learning how prescribed burns help to reduce bushfire risks.From the data collected, we were able to analyse the information and determine future management methods.”  Georgia A & Emma W (Year 11 Geography)

“I’m a practical learner, so I really appreciated the opportunity to learn about longshore drift and erosion by seeing it in action at Port Noarlunga.” Jack P (Year 10 Geography).

Thank you to the various teachers who helped on these field trips. 

Joanne Wegener
Geography Teacher

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