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Year 8s explored and served the local community through Connected Unley

Year 12 students and parents celebrated an important milestone at the Valedictory Dinner and Parent Reception

Reception students performed the annual nativity play to adoring audiences

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Connected Unley

Recently our Year 8 students spent three days learning about and serving the local community through the annual Connected Unley program modelled on Concordia's vision of Engage, Achieve, Serve. The first day involved an introduction to the way the council is structured and operates before students visited sites of cultural, historic and social significance within the Unley area to engage with and learn about the community in which our school is located. The next day, students were involved in a range of service activities and on the third day students presented what they had learnt throughout the experience. Here are some of their reflections on the program:

"The service activities we completed were setting up, supervising and cleaning up a playgroup, and gardening. It was quite hot so the latter was a challenge, but it was worthwhile to see the improvement we had made to the garden and to think that it was restored to its original state. Something interesting I learnt from these activities was that service doesn't mean being comfortable or enjoying what you are doing, it means to give to others what God gave to us through Jesus Christ. We helped out with the playgroup at Rosefield Uniting Church and tidied the garden at St Chad's Anglican Parish Centre as part of our Connected Unley activities. These activities were chosen because they were both local organisations that required some assistance in creating positive experiences and environments. Half of 8VNT completed these activities on Tuesday, 28 November, Week 7, under the practical and helpful supervision of Ms Narino-Terry."
Olivia 8VNT

"On Thursday 30 December, half of 8RCR ventured to the Unley Salvation Army for a full on day of work. We participated in four activities throughout the day; decorating the 'Harmony Room' which included hanging candy-canes from the roof for Christmas and watering the garden which hadn't been done yet that week. We also worked in the kitchen pouring the curries made by the other Year 8s into alfoil trays to be frozen and sorted books into alphabetical order in the thrift shop. Probably the nicest part of the day was looking back at the work we had done and seeing all the smiling faces of the volunteers; some of whom were going to stay back for hours to finish their jobs but were now able to go home early."
Jack 8RCR

"One half of 8VNT spent Tuesday 28 November helping out at various churches around Unley as part of the Connected Unley unit in Pastoral Care. The morning was spent at Rosefield Uniting Church where we assisted with various duties including cleaning toys and interacting with the kids. During the afternoon, we were at St Chad's helping in the garden. As it was a hot day, the latter activity was certainly challenging, but it reminded us that service isn't meant to be comfortable; it's about putting yourself out in a way that focuses on others."
Emma 8VNT

"For Connected Unley, my service group went to The Salvation Army in Unley on Tuesday 28 November. At the Salvation Army, we put together emergency hygiene packages for those in challenging and unfortunate situations such as domestic violence and homelessness. We also wrapped gifts of spices for all of the hard working volunteers at The Salvation Army. We did this service activity because it was part of the Year 8 service program, however we got out of it much more than we had imagined. Although I had heard about them many times before, I never knew that the Salvation Army did so much for the community. I learnt to appreciate both them and other not-for-profit charities a lot more."
Eva 8VNT

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Year 8 Public Speaking Award

Congratulations go to Eva 8VNT and Emma 8VNT who, on Thursday 30 November, won the 2017 Katherine Obst Year 8 Lutheran Schools Public Speaking competition, held at Endeavour College. This competition sees two students from every Lutheran school across the state each speak for three minutes on a topic chosen from a prescribed list. The winning school is the one with the highest aggregate score after both speeches, so congratulations to the girls for an excellent team effort! Eva chose the topic ‘That a healthy mind is more important than a healthy body’, while Emma chose the topic ‘Schools destroy creativity’. The fact that the girls did so well hopefully proves the first of these propositions and disproves the second!

Chris Finch
Head of English

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Murtoa Showcase

History, Science, Technology, Art and more! Murtoa was alive with activity this morning as we welcomed parents and students to the Murtoa Showcase. Year 7s presented their work on Historical Civilisations and Societies, and the Year 8s ran a Science Fair. From a working model of a centrifugal steam governor and a study of the pyramids in Egypt to scientific displays investigating bouncy putty, crystallised fudge and taste perception, the students had fun sharing their learning. 

Congratulations to the following students who received awards for their Science Fair displays:

  • Most Innovative: Ryan 8JFI and Daniel 8JFI
  • Best Presentation: Lucy 8VNT and Gracie 8VNT
  • People's Choice: Audrey 8JCA and Georgia 8JCA
  • Overall Winners: Emma 8VNT and Olivia 8VNT
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Concordia Writing Awards

The Concordia Writing Awards are small prizes for the best pieces of creative writing done throughout the year. Thank you to all the students who entered work, whether it was written as part of your English course or written for your own enjoyment. Of course, judging the ‘best’ piece is always difficult as it is inevitably based on personal opinion and taste. The winning pieces must obviously be well crafted and well written, but in the end it is the impact that they have on the reader that makes them stand out. This year the winners were Caleb 7AMA for his poem “Swept Away”, Olivia 8VNT for her poem “Sundance”, Kaelah 9SBR for her story “Extra” and Olivia 10PLO for her story “Legacy”.

Chris Finch
Head of English

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Urban Innovation

As part of their Geography studies, Year 8s undertook a unit on Demographics and Urban Planning, responding to the Statement of Inquiry “In order to plan for the future, innovative and global thinking is required". Students heard from Town Planner Michael Davis earlier in the term to learn about environmental and social considerations given to the planning of a city or an urban environment. Students were then asked to produce a proposal about their city that contained demographic information and then to construct an accompanying model. As you can see from the selection of photos, we have a few future planners in our midst!

Vanessa Narino-Terry
Middle School Teacher

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Music and Food Design Interdisciplinary Unit

On Tuesday 28 November, the Year 9 Music and Food Design students came together to showcase their talents in what was the culmination of a six-week MYP interdisciplinary unit. This unit allowed the students to "unpack" two important concepts; culture and innovation, and ultimately to decide whether "Food and music are mediums for innovation and cultural expression". 

Cultures such as French, Australian (including Indigenous), Indonesian, Irish, American/Cajun and Greek were explored and the mediums of food and music certainly brought these cultures to life. The Food Tech area was abuzz with the sights, smells and sounds of these cultures and the students were completely focussed and working hard as musicians and chefs to present their "works" within the constraints of limited time.
To their credit, all original food and music was created, prepared, performed, presented and enjoyed by all who were there, including some lucky staff who were invited to attend.

Jill Scott (Music Teacher) and Lyn Schrader (Head of Food Design)

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