The governance of Concordia College - including the administration and control of the school and the management of its assets - is vested in the Board, which governs according to the Concordia College Constitution.

The Board comprises seven Governors and several non-voting members and consultants bearing a range of valuable skills and expertise. As well as appointing individuals to key positions such as the Public Officer, Seal Holders and Principals, the Board oversees the Finance and Spiritual Life Standing Committees, the College’s Education Committee, Governance Committee and Property Committee along with sub-committees and auxiliary bodies. Through the exercise of its duties, the Board supports the Principals, provides links to the Church, and ensures that strategic planning and decision making are aligned to the College’s vision and mission.

For more information about the Concordia College Board, please contact the Minute Secretary, Lois Manolakos, or read about the Board members below.

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Current Board Members