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From the College Pastor

Dale Gosden

At this point in the year, could you do with some joy? How about a sense of hope for the future? Perhaps peace is what you seek most of all.

People count down the days to Christmas and the holidays every year, but I feel like people are particularly worn down this year as they hold out for the end. We get glimmers of hope in the news about our borders, our living circumstances, our workplaces, and our health, and then things quickly take a turn for the worse. It is draining to face ongoing problems that don’t seem to have a solution and that are too big for us to fix. We don’t just need a break; we need a breakthrough.

Amidst this backdrop, we have the season of hope, love, joy and peace – the season of Advent. This is the time we anticipate Christ’s coming at Christmas, when he dispelled the darkness of his own people and brought hope to a nation that was desperate for change. Jesus’ message, however, was for all people, for he came to give us all hope, love, joy and peace – gifts that come from faith in him, as he draws us into the life he has prepared for us.

Jesus paints a different picture for what will bring us lasting hope, love, joy and peace. These things don’t come from external circumstances, which fluctuate and change all the time. Jesus calls us to look to him for everything, so that he may be our constant and unchanging source of life and contentment.

In Advent, we light a candle each week to prepare for Christmas, each one representing hope, love, joy or peace. The light of the candles reminds us that God fulfilled his promises to save the world in some of the bleakest circumstances. Our reflections in our Chapel services this term have relived these, focusing on God’s incredible power to bring hope, love, joy and peace when the situation for God’s people appeared disastrous. In Advent, we remember that God did this in the past, and he will do it again in the future, when he comes in glory at the end of time to bring the fullness of joy and dispel all darkness and despair for ever. I can’t wait.

So crank up the carols. Sing some songs of hope and joy and relish the freedom that comes from knowing you don’t have to sort out the world's problems yourself – and you can’t anyway. Hand it over to the One who came to bring hope, love, joy and peace that will last. And have a lovely break, when you get one. 

What Is Advent? Click here for more information.

Dale Gosden
College Pastor

  • Advent candles AI
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Year 9 Special Interest Music class on tour

Last Thursday, our Year 9 Special Interest Music class performed concerts at three different locations as part of their performance program. Starting in our own Chapel, the class band performed to nine St John’s Campus classes. They then travelled to Mitcham Primary and then onto St Michael’s Primary School at Hahndorf. During each concert, our students demonstrated their individual instruments and then performed pieces within their own sections i.e. Woodwind, Brass, Strings and Rhythm Section.

The Year 9s not only gained valuable performance experience, but also gained insights into how to prepare for and deliver instruction to young Primary School students, as well as what is required when on tour.

It was a day of fun, music and learning and we hope to be able to share our music with the wider community more in the future.

Mat Noble
Director of Music 

  • Year 9SIM AI 001
  • Year 9SIM AI 002
  • Year 9SIM AI 003
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English as an Additional Language/Dialect

In a Concordia Connect article earlier this term, Jane Graham (German Teacher) and Maggie Gu (Chinese Language Program Coordinator) shared details of an extensive collaborative research project that they have been leading, which has focused on how the College can strengthen key aspects of our existing Language program to support the language development of our students. A key focus of this project involved developing key recommendations for how the College could more effectively support our students who require additional ‘English’ language support, and our teachers in their curriculum delivery. This project has specific relevance for us as a College, especially as we grow in both population and cultural diversity across ELC to Year 12 over the coming years. 

Based on the recommendations from this research project, the College has made the decision that during 2022, we will commence implementing a specifically developed English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) program across ELC to Year 12, that will reflect our context and unique student strengths and diversity. The program will aim to support all students where English is not their family’s first language, especially where there is an indication that this is impacting on an individual student's engagement, learning progress and achievement.

Throughout Semester 1 next year, a dedicated ‘EAL/D Team’ will develop and refine the College’s EAL program, ELC to Year 12. A key part of this stage will be connecting with families and teachers to identify students who require additional ‘English’ language support. Professional Development for our teachers in this area will also be facilitated.

This decision also has significance and connection with our International Students program, especially with international borders now preparing to open which will result in an increased number of overseas students seeking enrolment at our College over the coming years.

We look forward to communicating with families more directly as we progressively develop and refine our EAL program to support the learning progress and achievements of our students across the College.

Paul Bannister
Director of Student Learning (Concordia Campus)

Rachel Muldoon
Director of Teaching and Learning (St John’s Campus)

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Classical Guitar Concert, Friday 19 November

The guitar students of world-renowned Classical Guitarist Manus Noble performed a delightful concert in our Chapel on Friday of Week 7. Each of the students involved either played solo or with Manus. Then, as a finale, the audience was treated to a piece played by Manus himself.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear the students play, and then have their maestro play as well was a moment to treasure.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Students performing with Manus Noble at a Classical Guitar Concert
  • Classical Guitar Ensemble performing in the Chapel
  • Students performing with Manus Noble at a Classical Guitar Concert
  • Students performing with Manus Noble at a Classical Guitar Concert
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Upcoming Events at St John's Lutheran Church

Christmas Tree Festival 2021

Join us for an exciting return of the St John's Christmas Tree Festival from Friday 3 December - Sunday 5 December for a fabulous display of creative expressions of the Christian faith expressed in various artistic 'Christmas Trees'.

Be sure not to miss the Christmas Market on Saturday 4 December where you can shop for unique and beautiful gifts, Christmas decorations and delicious eats and much more! 

Location: St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley, 15 Marlborough Street, Malvern.

Public Opening Hours:

  • Christmas Trees: Friday 3 Dec 10.00am - 8pm
  • Trees and Market: Saturday 4 Dec 9.30am - 5pm
  • Christmas Trees: Sunday 5 Dec 11.30am - 4pm

St Johns Unley Christmas Tree Festival ad 2021

ALPHA Course - January 2022

Have you got questions about life, faith, meaning, purpose?

You’re invited to check out Alpha @ St John’s.

  • Sunday 30 January 2022, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm Join us for a meal and check it out.
  • St John’s ministry centre
  • Cnr Marlbourgh and Balmoral Street, Malvern

Feel free to call Glenice on 0428 709 891 for more information, or watch the 'What is ALPHA?' video.

Paula Meyer
Spiritual Life Coordinator - St John's Campus

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Oliver! 2022 Music auditions

On Wednesday of Week 6, students ranging from Years 6 -11 were given the opportunity to audition for Concordia’s 2022 musical, Oliver!

Led by Zoe Tidemann (Director), Lee Pfitzner (Musical Director) and Maddie Lochert (Choreographer), the student cohort of 90+ were put through their paces as they all learned some choreography for the song “Consider Yourself”. This was followed by each student auditioning for lead and/or ensemble places in the cast for this classic family musical.

It was a rigorous exercise for all involved, but one which was focussed on supportive collegiality, positivity and resilience, and it’s hoped that all involved gained insight into what each individual is capable of in this important creative art.

Well done to everyone who auditioned, you should be immensely proud of yourselves.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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  • Musical audition AI 002
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Pop-up Concert in the Chapel

Given the limited performance opportunities our students have had over the last 20 months, we were so pleased that last week the Year 7/8 Choir, the mighty Testosterphones and the Elecro-Brass Ensemble performed an impromptu concert in the College Chapel.

Thanks to all involved, led by Dr Smith and Miss Pfitzner – it certainly gave us all something to cheer about.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • Testosterphones AI 001
  • Pop up concert AI 001
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Class of 2021 Highlights

In celebration of our graduating Year 12 students 2021, this highlights film has been produced by the Media Department. We are incredibly proud of every student and look forward to following their future endeavours. #extraordinary

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Veta Morphus

From the beginning of 2021, nine Year 11 students have been gathering weekly to partake in Veta Morphus. Through the program students have completed ministry placements, been mentored, attended peer group meetings, produced seminars, gone on retreats with students from other schools and completed journals on their weekly Bible reading program. On Saturday 20 November, five of our students attended the graduation with the other 20 schools that have been a part of this journey.

Congratulations to the Veta class of 2021!

Lauren Bone
Veta Morphus Teacher

  • Veta Morphus 01
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Year 7 Desk Tidy Project

Year 7 Design, Technology and Engineering students have been trialling a new Desk Tidy project that is planned to be fully implemented in 2022. This involved the integration of traditional timber construction methods with the use of the laser engraver to etch out individual name plates for the front. The unit was highly successful with the class creating an excellent range of high-quality products.

James Divitkos
Design, Technology and Engineering

  • Design Technology Engineering Tidy Desk AI 001
  • Design Technology Engineering Tidy Desk AI 002
  • Design Technology Engineering Tidy Desk AI 003
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Year 8 Connected Unley

Throughout Week 7, the Year 8s took part in the three-day program, Connected Unley.

On Day 1, students engaged with the Unley community, starting with introductions about the Unley area from Major Reno Elms of The Salvation Army and members of the City of Unley Council: Laura De Bono, Youth Officer, Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator, and Jared Wilson, Unley Architect from the City of Unley.

Students visited the Unley museum, the Soldier Memorial and engaged in role plays exploring moral dilemmas.

On the second day, students served at various venues throughout the Unley area. This year’s program included serving the following:

  • Fern Avenue Garden
  • Rosefield Uniting Church
  • St Chad’s Anglican Church
  • The Salvation Army
  • St John’s Lutheran Church
  • Waite Arboretum
  • Community gardens and the Drama Centre at Concordia

On Day 3, students worked together to showcase their involvement in the community, developing informative videos, and sharing these with their Home Class.

Congratulations to our winners of the Connected Unley ‘Amazing Race.’ 

Group 1:

  • Hannah, Phoebe and Anabelle (8NMCG)

Group 2:

  • Alex, Ronan and Charles (8KSPA)

Rachel Hogan
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

  • Connected Unley AI 01
  • Connected Unley AI 02
  • Connected Unley AI 03
  • Connected Unley AI 04
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Year 11 Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions

Our Year 11 Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions students were fortunate to be part of a newly developed program based on product design and entrepreneurship, incorporating the identification of real-world design problems and developing an innovative solution in the form of a product. Industry skills such as undertaking research, advanced CAD modelling, and rapid manufacture in the form of 3D printing and laser cutting processes, were used to develop working prototypes, exposing students to real-world industry practices in product development. Many wonderful and innovative solutions were achieved, showcasing both the creative and technical talents our students possess.

For a full experience in product development, the course concluded with students pitching their ideas and final products to a panel of industry experts, receiving feedback on how to connect their outcomes with possible improvements, marketing and manufacturing opportunities.

Congratulations to the three award recipients on the day with outstanding solutions:

  • Hannah 11JLEY - Greatest Potential for a Marketable Product
  • Finn 11GGRA - Most Innovative Product
  • Harvey 11JHAR - Most Well-developed Idea.

A huge thank you to our visiting industry professionals Ben Campbell – Director, Business and Executive Coach from The Self-Made Theory, Paul Van de Loo – Technical Director of Applidyne, and Karl Mortimer – Director of GADAC Plastics, for their valued contributions on the day, sharing knowledge and expertise with our students.

Rhys Dezsery
Design, Technology and Engineering

  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 000
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 005
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 004
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 002
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 001
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 003
  • Industry and Entrepreneurial Solutions 006
  • Year 11 Design Technology Engineering Industry Presentation 038
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Christmas at St John's Lutheran Church Unley

Advertisement for Christmas services at St John's Lutheran Church, Unley

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Old Concordians' Association Update

Term 4 continues to be busy with Old Concordian Reunions!

There was a lot of excitement when the Class of 2001 met at the College on Friday 19 November to celebrate their 20 Year Reunion and enjoy a family dinner and tour.

On Friday 26 November the Class of 2011 got together at the Edinburgh Hotel to celebrate their 10 Year Reunion over finger food and drinks, a great way to reconnect!

The Cathedral Hotel was the venue for the Class of 1981 40 Year Reunion on Saturday 27 November… there was a lot of catching up to do and many stories to be told!

Sue Spry
Alumni Manager

  • OCA 20 Year Reunion 010
  • OCA 10 Year Reunion 002
  • Class of 1981 40 Year Reunion
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Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Congratulations to our recent Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award recipients. This program can be found in more than 140 countries and territories worldwide. In Australia, over 35,000 young people participate in the program annually, supported by a network of over 80,000 adult volunteers acting as Award Leaders, Assessors and Supervisors. We are very grateful to the teachers within our school who act as mentors to support our students in this program.

By completing the Bronze Award, these students gain 10 SACE credits as well as gaining an advantage on their resume. The Award consists of four sections: Physical RecreationSkillsVoluntary Service, and Adventurous Journeys

Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement. The students who were recently presented with their Bronze Award undertook a range of activities including:

  • instrumental music study and involvement in ensembles
  • preparation for AMEB music exams
  • participation in our school’s 26 Book Challenge
  • preparation for a Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate exam
  • involvement in school and club sport
  • volunteering regularly at a school OSHC program
  • recording oral histories of some older family members
  • producing book trailers for our school library
  • volunteering within a church teaching Sunday school

Congratulations Zara, Georgina, Bianca, Victoria, Tansy, and Macy on this special recognition.

Students who are 14 or older may take part in the program. Please contact Emma Rieger for more information.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning

A collage showing Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's International Award recipients

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Year 8 and Reception to Year 2 Christmas Craft

It was great to see the Year 8 students helping our Reception, Year 1 and 2 students make Christmas crafts during our Pastoral Care time on Wednesday. Each Year 8 Home Class brainstormed craft ideas to share and guided students through the steps to produce fantastic art. Students developed Christmas cards, pipe-cleaner ornaments, Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees. Thank you to all involved!

Rachel Hogan
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

  • Christmas Craft 01
  • Christmas Craft 02
  • Christmas Craft 03
  • Christmas Craft 04
  • Christmas Craft 05
  • Christmas Craft 06
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Lost Property Reminder

There are many items in the Concordia Campus Lost Property that need to be claimed. Students who have misplaced any items are asked to speak with staff at the Student Services Office (SSO).

Any items that remain in Lost Property (excluding keys and membership cards) at the end of Term 4 (Thursday 9 December) will be donated to a charity.

We ask you to please label all items. If SSO receive a named item to Lost Property, it will be returned to the student.

Helen Smith
Student Services Officer

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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Isabel 7JHEA who recently completed her Grade 4 Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exam. Isabel was rewarded for her hard work and attention to practice, receiving an A+ for this assessment. Well done, Isabel!

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