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Many students and staff members have walked through Concordia's doors and shared in the College's rich history which now spans more than 125 years. Here, we provide some interesting insights into life at Concordia throughout the years.

College Badge From the Archives

The College Badge

In 1907 the College badge was designed and became official. The name of the artist is not known, but it is suspected to be Director Graebner, Headmaster of Concordia at...  Read More

Autograph books summaryImg

Autograph Books

In the early 1900s, Concordia students regarded their autograph books as prized possessions. In many cases a great deal of time was spent on entries from friends, family and teachers.  Read More

1940s Mr Grimmett and the First XI summaryPic

Testing Times

During the early 1940s Concordia’s First XI cricket team enjoyed several highly successful seasons.  Read More

1975 Year 8 summary

First Orientation Day

In 1975 the College decided to devote the Sunday before the opening of the new school year to introduce all Year 8 students to life at Concordia.  Read More

1923 Football team gold CC summary

A Colourful Game

For many years, Concordia’s football team stepped out in brown long-sleeved turtle-neck skivvies, knickerbockers and long socks.   Read More

1977 Dr H P A Hamann FI

Hamann Wing

The official opening of Concordia’s refurbished original building (pictured below in 2014) was held on 29 July 1984.  Read More

vic georg 600 300

The Georg Memorial Library

The first of these was the Georg Memorial Library, opened in 1970 and bearing the name of the highly respected deputy headmaster and English and History teacher, Mr Vic Georg.  Read More

1895 BenTepperGeography workbook 600 300

Earth Matters

Bernhard (Ben) Tepper was one of the early students at Concordia College, Murtoa. He was born at Dimboola in 1878 and first worked as a farmer and a carpenter.  Read More

1980s Dressmaking 600 300

Practical Changes

When Pastor Tom Reuther delivered his annual headmaster’s report at the 1968 Valedictory Service, he flagged some significant changes to the curriculum.  Read More

1940s Mending a puncture 600 300

Boarders and their Bikes

During the 1930s and 1940s, bikes provided boarder boys a welcome degree of freedom on weekends, and dismantling and rebuilding them was also a popular pastime.  Read More

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