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Many students and staff members have walked through Concordia's doors and shared in the College's rich history which now spans more than 125 years. Here, our College Archivist provides some interesting insights into life at Concordia throughout the years.

1970 Prefects 600 300


During the 1930s and 1940s, class prefects were responsible for student behaviour during the absence of the teacher and also for keeping the roll book.  Read More

1965 Uniforms 600 300

Brown and Blue - Changes to the College Uniform

In 1990, Concordia’s centenary year, plans were underway for a dramatic change to the College uniform for girls. There were several reasons for this.  Read More

1928 Sexta 600 300

Travelling to College - 90 Years Ago

In 1928, students in the Junior or Sexta class came from all states of Australia with the exception of Western Australia.   Read More

1938 Sexta class 600 300

80 Years Ago

The 1938 first year class, known in those times as ‘sexta’, was made up of 10 boys and 10 girls.  Read More

1907 Chess game


Chess has enjoyed popularity among Concordia students for well over 100 years. The game has been played for recreation and leisure as well as in strongly competitive interschool competitions.  Read More

Archives The Wireless

The Wireless

Although radio broadcasting began in South Australia in 1924, it was not until ten years later that a ‘wireless set’ was installed in the common room for boys.  Read More

1995 Pedal Prix Concorde1 AI

Pedal Prix 1995

Teams from Concordia participated in the Pedal Prix for the first time in 1995.  Read More

1957 Septima girls 600 300

Dress Code

During the summer girls were expected to have two cotton frocks of regulation material and style, suitable underwear, a regulation straw bowler hat with the College band and badge, three...  Read More

First Twilight Tea

Concordia’s Carnival Day, held on a Saturday in March, was one of the community and fundraising highlights of the year, especially during the 1980s.  Read More

1958 Seminary AI 600 300

A New Era

Sixty years ago, in 1958, the College experienced one of the most momentous changes in its history when its secondary school and seminary separated into two distinct institutions.  Read More

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